William Harris
"Head" O'Connell
William Harris "Head" O'Connell
We gather here today, on the date of his birth, to remember
a dear friend and a great human being, William H. "Head"
O'Connell.  Bill blazed the trail that brought all of us to
Arizona.  He was the first hometown boy that knew the
beauty of the desert and inspired all of us to come seek its
stark beauty and enjoy its plentiful sunshine.  Bill worked
hard to establish his construction business along with his
Brother Pat.  He found enough success that enabled me to
gain employment during a difficult stretch in my life.  Bill was
always there when anyone needed help and when I found
myself in a pinch, it was Bill who showed up in his truck and
saved the day.  I'll be forever grateful for his many
Bill had his demons but, on daily basis he fought the demons
of hatred, indolence and feeling sorry for himself with a smile
and a gentle spirit.
We come to this place of quiet and solitude, of peace and
serenity, to lift our spirits and to honor a man who fought the
good fight.  Our hope is to ensure that his ashes are forever
linked to this place where he spent his happiest days and that
he will find all of these qualities in his eternal rest.
We will never know why the best of us are called to God's
hand too early but, we do know that it is God's promise that
we are given people like Bill to show us strength and to teach
us lessons that we will never learn from anyone else.  So,
thank you Bill!
We now raise a can of Bud to you my friend and, pray that
you have the comforts that were denied you here on this
earth and hope that we will meet again my friend in a far
better place!  Godspeed Bill!
William requested that his ashes be spread in the waters of
Lake Pleasant in Arizona where he spent his happiest days
camping along its lakeshore at Fireman's Cove.
Viking Sendoff at
Fireman's Cove
Lake Pleasant, Arizona
Chris, Ashley,
Diane & Brayden
Honor Billy O'Connell
The Vessel Made
for Billy's Ashes
William Harris
Filling the Vessel
With Billy's Ashes
Farewell Thee Me Friend
Rest Peacefully
Balloon Release in Billy's Memory
Godspeed Bill!
We Loved
You Bill!