1864 - Atlanta, Georgia
"View on Marietta Street."
Wet plate negative by George N. Barnard.
LOC Civil War glass plate negative collection.
"Nashville, Tennessee. View from Capitol."
Wet plate glass negative by George N. Barnard.
Circa 1865. "City Point, Virginia. Railroad yard and transports."
Wet plate glass negative, half of stereograph pair.
Studio of Mathew Brady
August 1863
"Bealeton, Virginia. Army of the Potomac headquarters. Captain Henry Page, Assistant Quartermaster."
Seen here a few weeks ago minus his two-legged friend. Wet plate glass negative.
1864. "James River, Virginia. Monitor U.S.S. Onondaga; soldiers in rowboat."
From photographs of the Federal Navy, and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy.
Wet plate glass negative.