Diane "The One-Night
Stand" Makes Friends
Boogeyman Brian
Our Host
"Kid" Karsten
Nurse Betty works for a Proctologist while
Wonder Woman acts disinterested
Cookie the Graduate parties
like it's Rush Week
Di tongues the Ball
Leopard Baby
King Tut & Queen Tit
Doctor Jenny
gets some face from
Kenny Bozo
Brian is the epitome of
Mattel Softball
"The One-Night Stand"
Zorro lassoes
Catwoman & Pam Anderson!
I am wearing this costume next year!
The Feline Family
Wait a second!
I'm wearing this one instead!
It is with great regret that I must inform you that a roll and a half of film was lost due to camera malfunction.
The Editor apologizes if you did not make the website.  The loss of these priceless photos is unbearable.