Coronado, CA — When the Hotel del Coronado first opened its doors in 1888, the United States of America looked far different than it
does today. At that time, California was separated from the rest of the country by vast unsettled territories.

The 1848 discovery of gold in northern California had propelled settlement to the West Coast, but even forty years later, much of
America’s interior was still unsettled. Imagine what it must have been like for the hotel’s early guests to leave the comforts and
culture of the east and travel through the vast remoteness of the west to reach The Del.
Hotel Del Coronado
Coronado’s close proximity to Los Angeles has made the Hotel del Coronado a popular celebrity destination for more than one
hundred years. Not only have Hollywood’s elite retreated here for vacations, they’ve also made movies here.

The first movie made at The Del was Knights of Pythias Camp, filmed in 1901 by the Edison Moving Picture Company. Hollywood was
still a rural community at that point, but in a very few years, it would emerge – and remain – the filmmaking capital of the world.
1888 - Lillie Langtry (1853-1929), a stage actress, may have been The Del’s very first big name entertainer. During her 1888 visit,
Langtry said of The Del, “Its immensity astonishes me and its perfect beauty delights me. It is in every way so different from any
hotel I have ever seen. It has a new surprise wherever I turn. It is so fresh and nice, it gives such a feeling of pleasing repose, and
altogether it has a delightful influence on one.�
"Some Like it Hot "
Hollywood history was again made at The Del in 1958, when Some Like It
Hot was shot here, starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony
Curtis. Although the stars were well known at the time, and the movie
received rave reviews, few could have predicted the film’s staying
power. Nearly fifty years later, the movie was recently heralded by the
American Film Institute as the best comedy of all time. It is also the
Marilyn Monroe movie most shown on television today.

This extraordinary film has never lost its luster; on the contrary, as the
years go by, it becomes more and more popular and more and more
revered. The film’s 25th anniversary in 1984 brought Lemmon,
Curtis, and famed director Billy Wilder back to The Del for a special
Eleven presidents have
visited the Hotel del
Coronado, starting with
President Benjamin
Harrison, who was
touring the country by
train and had breakfast
at The Del on April 23,
1891 (supposedly he
greeted San Diego
well-wishers in his
dressing robe and
slippers from the back
of his rail car). This
was the first time an
in-office president had
visited San Diego.