MC Joey P
Digs It Out West
Rapper Extraordinaire
Young MC Joey P
MC Joey P's first stop was where the legends make
their mark for all the world to see,
Mann's Chinese Theater.  
Bringing about the new world order in historic fashion,
Joey P slapped down his digits in cement and amongst
the likes of
Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant
and he left his indelible mark.  The man was ice as
he was writing the words that will forever live on the
Chinese Walk, "Word to my Mutha, Joey P is Big Pimpin'!
This bold rapper makes the big cheese fall to their knees!  
Makin' it rain with twenties off his wad he waved to the
crowd as they clambered for photos with the "Shogun
of Shannon."  But MC Joey P ain't got no time to play
with the pub, he's gotta go.  So he and his Posse packed
into the
stretch Hummer and pedaled on down to the Hills,
datâ's Hills as in Beverly Hills to meet up with the
other money playas.

Stopping by his
West LA mansion for a look see and
a bite of
gourmet goulash he eased on down the road
to Rodeo.  
Rodeo, dat's  Rodayo, like Rodayo Drive.  
Waxing the Titanium card in the places of high fashion
and high blowin' bucks.  Ya know,
Cartier, Gucci
Versace.  MC Joey P or as the Posse calls him,
"Mac Daddy Master" ain't too frugal when shopping
for his Posse.  The parade of diamonds and threads
that he showers them with would choke that chump
Trump.  Their partay continues up and down the
boulevard and into the Beverly Wilshire.

"Flava Flav ain't nuttin' but a knave,
When Joey P is in the house,
Puffy done looks like a louse'.

Yo, this trip is always go.  The Sho' of Shannon is like
a cannon.  He's always so fly he's got places to trip
and new places to try.  Young MC Joey P is back
in his Hummer looking for the endless summer in da
world of toe-tap and West Coast Rap.  Off he goes
to where the land ends and the laughs never stop.  
We spin the PCH to the
Santa Monica Pier.  Look
dog, this boy ain't missin' a thang.  See it all, soak it all
and wear a partay hat!  Dat's Joey P's model.  
Feelin' the breeze out on the boards and chewing the fat.  
Scoutin' for manatees and doin' as he please this boy
don't need more than dat.  Shrimpin' at
Bubba Gump,
see da settin' sun, ride the rides this place makes me
wanna jump!  The Pier ain't for no
fools or old tools
it is for chillin' when you're willin'.  Soak up da sun, put
away your gun and eat up the time and the season for
exactly no reason.
MC Joey P knows where it's at, 3rd Street Promenade.  
Checking out the local talent scene and seein' where he
might have been¦if his rippin' rap had taken a crap.  
This place has fancy shops and actors with no chops.  
But yinz stroll the boulevard and find somthin' to see.  
It might be a
dog playing dead, a couple of bums on
the drums, a break dancing Michael J, or a dinosaur
made out of a tree.  Eatin' a cone, chowin' a scone or
just throwin' the dogs a bone, this is where that is dat.  
MC Joey P has his Posse to watch his back.  Gotta
keep the commons at a distance coz there is always
resistance when Joey P ain't singin' smack.  It's been
one big day, from West Hollywood to the western sea,
Joey P the "Raconteur of Rap"
needs a nap.

"Tupac had truths to tell but wasted it so he could
sell, MC Joey P knows more than either you or me,
but you gotta listen closely to fall under the spell."

Next day he's on his way and he's ready to scope out the
Getty Center, top of a hill museum for all to
see'em.  Checking the big picture of the
City of Angels,
like wide-angle vision, the man is on a mission.  See it all,
soak it all, wear the partay hat!  
Buildings of the future,
bling of the past, ride the tram, it's all rolled up like dat,
bam!  Too cool, it's like going to school, without the shop
teacher making you a fool.  Where to now?  Where else?  
Malibu!  Gotta check Barbie's diggs and catch a water view.  
Down the mountain past
Pepperdine, it's all looking fine.  
Down to Malibu where the rich whities shack up and the
bruthas are too few.

Sniffing up the ocean breeze MC Joey P got a feeling
for a dish of fish.  Whoa, hold it baby!  We have a
Duke's Hawaiian Seafood Eatery!  Mad eating on the
rocky beach.  Poppin' pineapple while watching the whales
bump, hump and jump!  No finer pig out stand in the grand
land of Malibu.  Take a cue, make it you, see the view,
eat the poisson cru, drink a few.  Joey P gives it his
stamp and says "Bring your Vamp!"

Last day in LA!  Only one place to go, you gotta learn
what I teach and reach
Venice Beach.  The freaks are
all out in force, the breezes are blowing of course and
the babes are a tour de force.  Cheap threads that'll
turn heads and a myriad of dead heads.  Nothing like
being in the sun and sand and everyone being tanned
and then s
ome bum hittin' you up for a helping hand.  
Venice always has
sumthin to see and Joey P speaks
the words that make him the prophet, "Help those that
need it, if its hungry feed it, if they want too much, beat it."

"Run-DMC were the daddy's of hip-hop ,
Snoop Dogg blew up gangsta rap,
MC Joey P took it all to the top!"

It's time for a time zone change and to boogie back
across the desert.  MC Joey P is taking the posse
where the sun always shines,
the cacti jumps at you
and if the heat don't kill ya the scorps will.  Land of
Sheriff Joe, human coyotes and man-made lakes for
Arizona!  MC Joey P wants to see the
hot partay poppin' place of
Scottsdale.  Club hoppin',
shoppin' and dough droppin' that's Snotsdale for ya!  
MC Joey P voyeurs about the
Art Fair and plays the
horses.  He’ll even dare to poach a
ride on the
stagecoach.  But Scottsdale don't have the scene for
this celeb making machine so it's time find the real
West and
giddy up for his cowboy test.

He busts some rhymes like old times with the
native folk who aren't onto the joke.  Chowin' like
a cowboy, hittin' the high trail, and ponying up the
scratch to have the posse catch the
Dolly Steamboat
Toolin' around the lake, seein' the sights and the
majesty of nature's painting.  Ya gotta keep the
woman folk from fainting.  It's all dat!  MC Joey P
sees it all, soaks it all, and wears the partay hat!

MC Joey P knows when you wanna go slummin' and
be able to keep hummin' there's only one place for that,
Tortilla Flat!  Population: 6 and just a bunch of hicks,
place is made of sticks but too over the top for
your ice cream fix!  Prickly Pear ice cream is the dream
$300,000 large plastered on the walls will make you
scream!  But after you stick your noggin'
through the
sheet seat and cozy up to a big cactus you know you
been there and done dat!  And remember MC Joey P
always sez, "See it all, soak it all and wear your
partay hat!"

"It's time for MC Joey P to fly,
Back to the da ˜Burgh with a sigh,
It was too, too  cool out west ,
But my Steelers are still the best!
Joey P Plays the Ponies
Layla & Other Love Songs
Scottsdale Style
Tortilla Flat
is Where it is At!
Getting My
Cowboy On
Joey P Knows How to
Throw a Party!
Elvis Who?
Pumpin' Up the
Volume on
Muscle Beach
MC Joey P
is Now
Chillin' on Rodeo Drive
MC JoeyP and da Posse raking in Land of
La La's, Huntin' down Crips and getting his
Ya Ya's Out!
Dig it pedestrians!  Young MC Joey P and his posse
full of playas brought the ˜Burgh to the land of
starry-eyed bimbos and cosmetic hypnotism.  
Running the streets of the 310 while doling out high
roller cash to servers of burgers the valley over,
MC Joey P played it cool and showed them
old school.  Staking and taking territory from
Compton to Watts, he done showed the Crips
who rules the left coast.   And the man worked
the tourist traps
like a local.  The Rapper
extraordinaire made his play in a big way
and ran rambunctious over Tinsel Town and we
got the photos!  While his Posse kept it close to
the vest, it wasn't nuthin' but the best while
Joey P checked out the West!