Max Antony, Di Cleopatra & Caesar
in front of the MGM Lion
"Friends, Romans & Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears"
"I love the name honor, more than I fear death."
Vncle Thomas Caesar
"Veni, Vidi, Vici."
I came, I saw, I conquered.
"Fortune is merry,
And in this mood will give us anything." - Caesar
Caesar with the Poet Ovid
"Fortune & love favor the brave." - Ovid
Max Antony, Thomas Caesar & Billy Caligula
in front of Caesar's Palace
Max Antony looks on as
Caligula makes a play for Cleopatra
Caesar's Roman Baths
The Poet Ovid, Caesar, Caligula & Max Antony
At the Gladiator Arena
Max Antony & Caesar Bask in the Warm Glow of
Victory with Brutus.
"Beware the Ides of March."
Surveying the Spoils of War
"Your swords, made rich
With the Most Noble Blood of all this World." - Caesar
Caesar & Cleopatra
With the Legendary Gladiator Joe Louis
"Endure and persist; this pain will turn
to good by and by." - Ovid the Poet
Caesar's Palace
"Love and dignity cannot share the same abode."
- Ovid the Poet
"Little things please
little minds."
- Ovid the Poet
"Daring is not safe
against Daring Men."
- Ovid the Poet
"I had rather have such men my friends than enemies."
- Vncle Thomas Caesar
"What is it that love does to a
woman?  Without she only
sleeps; with it alone, she lives."
- Ovid the Poet
Caesar's Beer Maiden
Caesar's Favorite Watering
Hole in the Hinterlands
"Savor the occasion, for it passes swiftly - Ovid the Poet
April, 2008 A.D.