The Director of Ceremonies Phil Moore
starts the festivities as Lynn Hartman
wonders why he ever left.
Richard Tavilla doles out the goods to
Karen Colantonio as Jacque Ahrenberg
looks on.
Let's get this party started!
Retired Director Lynn Hartman and Richard Tavilla keep a close eye on the bootie
as the Ahrenbergs and Ray Colantonio (Front) get ready to make their move.
New Director Philip Moore
finally calls Number 402!
Daniel Rush with John & Jacque Ahrenberg
Tim Robison tried to get out of the photo.
Kim Stoll & Rhiannon Villa
Marvin Fitzgerald & Herb Franklin
Scott Benson gets into the act.
Alexandra Godard & Tim Robison at the Pre-Party
Lee Hollingsworth & Jerry Gebeau
Barbies Galore
Nick Mather & the Girls
Rhiannon & Karen
Kim Stoll & Ray Hernandez
Kurt Anzelmo makes the After Party!
Louis Villa clears out the moths for the girls.