Life to me is the merry go round at Dormont Park. It is gone now but I'm sure you remember it. It was the round, spinning, red metal ride with metal handles shaped like an U. It was where the wooden playground is now located. Remember it? Think back to those halcyon days of childhood. You would climb aboard, someone would begin to slowly spin the contraption. You would grasp the handles and yell, "Faster." The pace would pick up. The surroundings narrow and you begin to look up. "Faster, Faster!" Your protagonist becomes a blur as you hold tighter and tighter. The lucid feeling of fun and exhiliration is overcome by the bleary feeling of queasiness. You start trailing from your center of gravity to the precipice of safety. "Stop, stop...stop!" But it is too late, you are cast off onto the asphalt. You are brought aboard by your parents. You live the leisure life of childhood with a slow spin. You grasp the handles of love in adolesence and demand "faster." Your world narrows to too few friends and you look up at this point to the direction of your life. This is when your destiny is shaped. Your teen years blow by dangerously. You start to feel the noose of monetary dependency and you find yourself gasping and grasping tighter for it's rewards. Your cynicism heightens after you have been pummeled with defeats. You are dizzy from the speed, complexity and obligation. You have left the comfort of the center of your universe and are being torn by the danger of jumping, falling or holding on tighter. The decision is no longer yours, you are thrown off! And while you dust yourself off, you realize that it is only the laughter that you are after.