Old Arizona
The McCulloch Brothers
"Farm Machinery Used to Harvest Alfalfa"
April 9, 1921
"State Capitol Building Exterior"
"Frank Luke, Jr. Monument at the State Capitol"
Luke, Frank, 1897-1918 / Arizona State Capitol (Phoenix, Arizona)
November 29, 1930
Central Beverage Company ~ Phoenix, Arizona
March 9, 1942
"Alley Between Central and 1st Street,"
View looking north from Polk.
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This collection houses commercial photographs showing city scenes, streets, architectural views and
building construction, commercial activities, water development projects (including dams and canals),
landscapes, and agriculture in and around Phoenix, Arizona.
These photos were donated to Arizona State University Libraries and have made available the
photography ofJames Morrison McCulloch and William Patrick McCulloch, commercial photographers
who owned a studio in downtown Phoenix.
These high-resolution photographs were hand selected from the collection and restored by the
SteelCactus Foundation.