Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
North Side Point Bridge
Spanning the Allegheny River at the Point of Pittsburgh
The Great Railroad Strike of Pittsburgh - 1877 A.D.
Steeple View of the Pittsburgh Conflagration
Panoramic View of the Burned District
"Lights and Shadows"
Pittsburgh the Citadel of Pennsylvania
Puck Building, 1909 September 22.
Summary: Illustration shows a fat businessman reclining on a large coin, basking in the bright light of
"Special Privilege" while dreaming of castles in the air; on the other side of the coin is factory life in dark
and polluted Pittsburgh, and where factory workers struggle to flip the coin blocking the light from their
city and their lives.
North Elevation of #2 Open Hearth
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
Pittsburgh Works
North Side Point Bridge - April, 1970
Spanning the Allegheny River at the Point of Pittsburgh
South Hills Junction
Inbound to Pittsburgh
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