Pirates Charles "Babe" Adams & Owen "Chief" Wilson
Babe Adams Still Holds the record for Most Shutouts by a Pirate (47)
Chief Wilson Still Holds the Major League Record for Triples in a Season (36).
5th Avenue
West of Smithfield Avenue
The Loyal Order of the Moose Building
628-634 Penn Avenue
"My grandfather and neighborhood boy in the Wilson section of Clairton, PA with steel mill in the background.  Photograph
was taken sometime in the late 50s.  Given all the smoke belching out from the stacks everyone must have been working.
My father grew up here, just up the Monongahela from Pittsburgh. He did not return after getting out of the Marines in 1946.  
Every summer during the 50s and 60s we would drive up there from Beaufort, SC to visit family. I loved it. Nobody spoke
English.  Italian on one side of the river (Clairton) and Slovak on the other (My Mom's folks lived in McKeesport).
Kennywood Park, Forbes Field and the volcanic coke works at Clairton. I loved it and was willing to give up the beach, salt
marsh and clean air for a chance to live in the dirty, smokey air of exotic Clairton. Thank god, this was not to be."
Milepost on U.S. Route 40
Old National Trail - 1933
Pittsburgh Pirates
Playing for the 1905 Pennant
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