Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Demolition of Forbes Field. Chairs are being removed from the ballpark, as the
scoreboard pays homage to a bygone era. Forbes Field opened June 30, 1909 and was
home to the Pittsburgh Pirates after their move from Exposition Park on the North
Side. It also served as the home field for the Negro League team, the Homestead
Grays, who played all of their home games here from 1922 to 1939. The legendary
ballpark saw Babe Ruth hit his last home runs here and Bill Mazeroski hit his
infamous home run to win the 1960 World Series. The actual home plate from Forbes
Field has been preserved in the floor of Wesley W. Posvar Hall. A commemorative
plaque mentions the final games played; a double-header against the Chicago Cubs on
June 28, 1970. The Pirates won both games, 4-1 and 3-2. Demolition began on July
28, 1971 after two fires severely damaged the structure.

Forbes Field was a baseball park in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from 1909
to June 28, 1970. It was the third home of the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball (MLB) team,
and the first home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the city's National Football League (NFL) franchise. The
stadium also served as the home football field for the University of Pittsburgh "Pitt" Panthers from
1909 to 1924. The stadium was named after British general John Forbes, who fought in the French
and Indian War, and named the city in 1758.

The US$1 million ($26.3 million today) project was initiated by Pittsburgh Pirates' owner Barney
Dreyfuss, with the goal of replacing his franchise's then-current home, Exposition Park. The stadium
was made of concrete and steel (one of the first of its kind) in order to increase its lifespan. The
Pirates opened Forbes Field on June 30, 1909 against the Chicago Cubs, and would play the final
game that was also against the Cubs on June 28, 1970. The field itself featured a large playing surface,
with the batting cage placed in the deepest part of center field during games. Seating was altered
multiple times throughout the stadium's life; at times fans were permitted to sit on the grass in the
outfield during overflow crowds. The Pirates won three World Series while at Forbes Field and the
other original tenant, the Pittsburgh Panthers football team had five undefeated seasons before moving
in 1924.

Some remnants of the ballpark still stand, surrounded by the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.
Fans gather on the site annually on the anniversary of Bill Mazeroski's World Series winning home
run, in what author Jim O'Brien writes is "one of the most unique expressions of a love of the game to
be found in a major league city".