Arizona State Capitol
U.S.S. Arizona Anchor and Mast
In Wesley Bolin Plaza in Downtown Phoenix, you can view one of the
anchors of the U.S.S. Arizona and one of her two masts. The mast and
16,000 pound anchor were salvaged from the Arizona after she was sunk by
the Japanese in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The Arizona's
other anchor is currently displayed at the Pearl Harbor Museum in Hawaii.  
Inside the Arizona Capitol Museum adjacent to the Plaza are other artifacts
bringing the U.S.S. Arizona back to life to be honored and cherished.
One Last Desparate,
Futile Attempt at
Saving the
U.S.S. Arizona
To Scale Model
U.S.S. Arizona
A Rusting Hulk
of the U.S.S. Arizona
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Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd
Commander of U.S.S. Arizona
Died on Ship - December 7th, 1941