Mark Twain once described it as, "Hell with the lid off."
Now, after numerous renaissances, it is listed as the "Most Livable City."
Pittsburgh embraces its extremes.  The city that forged the steel to create
the Empire Steel Building and bring victory in the World Wars; is now the
nexus for state-of-the-art robotics and medicine.  A city that honed the skills
of Carnegie and Mellon produced the whimsy of Andy Warhol and Mr.
From the "Smoky City" to the "City of Champions," Pittsburgh exudes grit,
determination and above all complexity.  From its gleaming towers to its red
brick Mexican War Streets, from the peak of Mount Washington to the
Monongahela River Valley, there is no place in this country that has seen as
much of the bottom before its ascendence to the heights of a modern day
Pittsburgh, strength forged through pain,
brilliance forged through challenge.
57 Varieties
it gets under your skin.
Roberto Clemente Bridge