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Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis?
Dormont, Pennsylvania
September, 2011
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His Lovely Daughter, Jaimie
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Ru & Buggs
Friends Since 1963
Ru & Russ
Friends Since 1967
Dormont's Finest
Diane & Niece Audrey
Chad & Bryan Cook
Bob, Mr. Mike & Big Sis Linda
Mike & Leanna McLellan
This one-square mile of land outside of Pittsburgh was originally territory that was held by the Delaware
and Shawnee tribes until 1768 when the territory was part of the transaction in which Fort Stanwix was
purchased from the Six Nations. In following years, Dormont’s area was part of Cumberland County,
Pitt Township in Bedford County, Penn Township in Washington County, and finally, St. Clair Township
in Allegheny County in 1788.  Dormont means "Mountain of Gold" in French.