Overall Length: 1,019.5 ft. (310.74 m.)
Gross Tonnage: 81,237 gross tons (230,039 cu. m.)
Constructed by: John Brown & Co., LTD., Clydebank,
Commissioned by: Cunard Steamship Co., LTD.
Keel Laid: December 1, 1930
Date Launched: September 26, 1934
Maiden Voyage: May 27, 1936
Portholes: Over 2,000
Rivets: Over 10 million
Hull Plates: 8 ft. (2.44 m) to 30 ft. (9.14 m.) in length; up
to 1.25 in. (3.2 cm.) thick
Moulded Breadth: 118 ft. (35.97 m.)
Height from Keel to Forward Smokestack Top: 181 ft.
(55.17 m.)
Height from Keel to Promenade Deck: 92.5 ft. (28.19 m.)
Height from Keel to Top of Foremast: 237 ft. (72.24 m.)
Number of Decks: 12
Height from Keel to Top of Foremast: 237 ft. (72.24 m.)
Passenger Capacity: 1,957
Officers and Crew: 1,174
Horsepower: 160,000
Cruising Speed: 28.5 knots (55.17 km./hr.)
Rudder: 140 tons
Whistles: Three - Steam type. Two on forward funnel,
one on middle funnel. Each over 6 ft. (1.83 m.) long,
weighing 2,205 LB. (1,002 kg.)
Lifeboat Capacity: 145 persons
Smokestacks: Three - Elliptical in shape; 36 ft. (10.97 m.)
fore and aft, 23.3 ft. (7.1 m.) wide
Smokestack Height: Forward: 70.5 ft. (21.49 m.)
Middle: 67.5 ft. (20.57 m.) Aft: 62.25 ft. (18.97 m.)
Boilers: 27
Fuel Consumption: 13 ft./gal (1 m./l.)
Draft: 39 ft. 4-9/16 in. (12.00 m.)
Bow Anchors: Two that each weigh 16 tons (16,291 kg.)
Anchor Height: 18 ft. (5.48 m.)
Length of Promenade Deck: 724 ft. (220.68 m.)
Length of Anchor Chain: 990 ft.
Weight of Anchor Chain: 45 tons (45.818 kg.)
Anchor Chain Link: 2 ft. (61 cm.) long, weighing 224 LB.
(101.8 kg.)
March 24, 1936:
THE QUEEN MARY departs John Brown Shipyard, steaming down the
Clyde River to Gourock, Scotland. The ship goes aground twice despite
prior dredging of the river and her shallow draft. Anchor trials and
adjustment of the magnetic compasses are made off Gourock. Twenty of
QUEEN MARY's lifeboats were left off the ship to save weight. Since
they were manufactured in Gourock, the lifeboats were lifted into their
davits upon ship's arrival.
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