Welcome to the eleventh installment of random
photos hand-chosen from the extensive
SteelCactus Photo Archive
These photos have never been published before and most of the subjects have never seen them before.
from the
Sheriff Dick Rush*
Allegheny County Sheriff Boat Patrol
July 4th, 1995
Janine & The Kids*
Rachel (On Lap), Leanna (Center) Jaimie (Right)
Gabriel in the Back
Grandma's Porch - Pittsburgh
May, 1992
Daniel & Gregory Rush
Dormont Park, Pennsylvania
Circa 1988
Hall of Famer Joey Mullen*
Pittsburgh Penguins Forward
1996-1997 Playoffs vs. Florida Panthers
Diane's Bachelorette Party
April, 2007
Left to Right: Natalie, Sherry, Linda, Bride Diane,
Audrey, Cindy, Leanna &
Ashley (Center)
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1996 Olympic Stadium*
800 Meter Relay
Atlanta, Georgia
Rock of Cashel, Ireland*
July, 1994
* - Denotes Photo Taken by SteelCactus