Welcome to the third installment of random photos
hand-chosen from the extensive
SteelCactus Photo Archive
These photos have never been published before and
most of the subjects have never seen them before.
from the
Dick Cheney, Jon Kyl & Trent Lott look on as George W. Bush gets a
"good talking to" from his hero.  Not pictured:
Bill O'Reilly, in closet.
On loan from the Presidential Library of George H. Bush, Sr.
My Fiancee - Diane Ulrich - Circa 1964
Sharpsburg Herald
Text Reads: "Three year old Diane Ulrich took first prize
in a Beauty Contest sponsored by St. Mary's Street Fair
held on Aug. 6.  The contestants, about 40 of them, ranged
in ages from 2 to 6.  The blond hair, blue-eyed winner was
awarded a Vicki Lynn Doll which included a 12-piece
wardrobe.  Diane is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Ulrich of 1714 Cecil St., Sharpsburg.  The Ulrichs are
members of St. Mary's Parish."
Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch (STS-77)*
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Circa 1996
The Legendary Shift A*
Old Data Center Mattel Toys - Circa 2000
Left to Right: Tim Loberger, Paul Reed & Scott Benson
Uncle Tom Moore & Cousin David Moore, Jr.*
April, 1987
Molly & Bill Rush*
Beat Greg & Natalie to the Eiffel Tower
April, 2000
Snowy Egret*
Everglades, Florida
* - Denotes Photo Taken by SteelCactus
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