Welcome to the fourth installment of random photos
hand-chosen from the extensive
SteelCactus Photo Archive
These photos have never been published before and
most of the subjects have never seen them before.
from the
Diane Ulrich & Daughter Ashley with Billie*
Ashley's New Car - May 2006
Hall of Famer
Wade Boggs*
Spring Training, 1995
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Marlin Hotel on Miami South Beach*
July 25th, 1993
Florida Funnymen - Circa 1997*
Left to Right: Bill Mallon, Brian Howell, Tony Mucci,
Tony's Old Girlfriend & Ricky Reich
Jim Malone's Wedding - Circa 1994*
Left to Right: Greg Rush, Uncle Dick, Bobby French (Deceased),
Russ Connolly, John French, Mel Fignar, Bob Belonis
In Back - Bill Rush & Linda McLellan
Uncle Paul Rush (Deceased) & Bill Rush*
Circa 1993
Key West, Florida
* - Denotes Photo Taken by SteelCactus
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