Welcome to the sixth installment of random
photos hand-chosen from the extensive
SteelCactus Photo Archive
These photos have never been published before and
most of the subjects have never seen them before.
from the
Uncle Dick Rush & Russ Connolly*
Circa 2002
Zarek (Top) & Zade (Bottom) Rush*
Just Visited the SteelCactus in Arizona!
October, 2006
Gumbies at Leisure*
Rick Reich, Kevin McCarthy & Buggs Malone
Circa, 1990
SteelCactus Creation
Halloween Circa 1992 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida*
Glenn Kirke, Dennis Howell, Jim Malone & Tony Mucci
My Old Dog - "Chloe"*
American Eskimo
Deceased - 1999
Turtle Sex*
* - Denotes Photo Taken by SteelCactus
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