Welcome to the seventh installment of random
photos hand-chosen from the extensive
SteelCactus Photo Archive
These photos have never been published before
and most of the subjects have never seen them
from the
Hollywood Sign, California*
As close as you can get without incurring a $103 Trespassing fine.
Kelly Reich on Her Wedding Day
Circa 1990
Chillin' With the Crew* - Circa 1998
Center: Mike & Leanna McLellan
With a Couple Friends
Name This Animal!*
World Wildlife Zoo - Peoria, AZ
Moore Family Double Wedding - Circa 1963
Front Row: Father: David, Mary Catherine, Joann Mary, Mother: Mary
Second Row: Thomas, James, Mary Molly, Mary Barbara, David, Jr., Edward
Donated to the SteelCactus Society by Colleen Moore
Dormonster Blitz*
Diana (Chooch) Connolly, Tim (To the Rescue) Duffy, Brian (Bowie) Donahue,
Doug (Howie) Haney & Russ (Gumby) Connolly
Saddam the Kissing Goromie*
My Pet Fish - Deceased 1993
* - Denotes Photo Taken by SteelCactus
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