Captain Bob's
The Three Rivers.  The reason Pittsburgh is
where it is.  The landmark that defines this
city.  The confluence of the Allegheny and the
Monongahela Rivers that sets the course for
the Ohio River is where the Golden Triangle
explodes into color and beauty.  Have you
really seen it?  Have you felt the awe of it's
sweeping power?  Have you  floated along its
vibrant shores and really seen it as all
Pittsburghers should?

Sure you probably been on the Clipper or even
the Goodship Lollipop, but an intimate tour of
its hidden gems is where you really get to know
the city.  Let Captain Bob course you through
the intracacies and delicacies of the town you
thought you knew.
Three Rivers Boating Tours
On Captain Bob's touring vessel
you can have him drop you off at
the architectural gem, PNC Park,
watch a game, get back on the
boat and head to the tucked away
Redfish Cafe and after a relaxing
dinner visit the world renowned
Station Square for a night of
drinks and dancing.  Or just cruise
the waters and occasionally
anchor near the sweet sounds of
Donzi's Mainstage.  The
possibilities are endless!
Captain Bob is a Master Certified Boat Pilot who has 30 years experience plying the waters that surround Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  His
intimate knowledge of the area will allow you see things that you didn't even know existed in this town!  Have you been through the locks and
to the Beach Bar on Neville Island?  Float right up enjoy the local nightlife and then sail off for calm waters and startling sights!
Captain Bob offers private tours
for up to ten people along the 3

Come with a plan or let Captain Bob
plot your course for fun and
sightseeing.  Cruise the rivers or bar
hop. Learn the history of the area,
Enjoy a relaxing cruise or visit all the
places that cannot be seen by land.
Captain Bob's Rush Hour is available for private excursions during the months of May through September.  Day
& Night cruises are available.  Wedding Parties, Visitor Excursions or just a night on the town can be customized to fit
your schedule and level of entertainment.  Call for pricing.
Call: (412) 855-RUSH (8556)
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