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The Old Hayden Flour Building
Tempe, also known as Hayden's Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona, is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United
States, with the Census
Bureau reporting a 2010 population of 161,719. The city is named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece. Tempe is located in the
East Valley section of
metropolitan Phoenix; it is bordered by Phoenix and Guadalupe on the west, Scottsdale on the north, Chandler on the south,
and Mesa on the east.
Tempe was the location of US Airways Group's corporate headquarters until December 9, 2013, when US Airways and
American Airlines merged to
form American Airlines Group. The headquarters for the combined airline moved to American's headquarters in Fort Worth,
Tempe is also the home of Arizona State University.
Tempe, Arizona
The Valley Art Cinema
Tempe Town Lake on the First Day of Its Refilling After Getting New Dam Walls
Tempe's Famous Rúla Búla Irish Pub
The Now Defunct Monti's La Casa Vieja Steakhouse & Carl Hayden's Birthplace in 1877.
The Building will be preserved and be part of the $200 million office and hotel project.
Tempe Butte or "A" Mountain
Originally, the letter on Tempe Butte was an 'N', built by Tempe Normal School's class of 1918. The school changed its name
to Tempe State
Teacher's College in 1925, and the 'N' was adapted into a 'T'. Subsequently, three years later, the school would change its
name again to Arizona State
Teacher's College, but the letter 'A' would not appear on Tempe Butte until 1938. This 'A' was destroyed by a bomb blast in
prompting the construction of the current 'A' in 1955.

Due to the existence of an "A Mountain" for the University of Arizona (Sentinel Peak), students from these rival schools often
attempt to paint the
other's 'A' in their school colors. Guarding the A is an annual ritual in the week leading up to the annual ASU-UA football
game, the Territorial Cup.
Most recently, UA students painted the A blue and white following Arizona's victory in the 2011 Duel in the Desert. A tradition
"Guarding of the 'A"" started in order to prevent the "A" from being painted the color of the rival schools.
The "A" is annually guarded the two nights leading up to the UofA v. ASU football game.