Contrary to popular belief, the Westward Ho does not appear in the opening sequence of the 1960 Alfred
Hitchcock film Psycho. The clip fades in centered on Hotel San Carlos, which is located on the northwest
corner of Central and Monroe. The former Arizona Bank Building (under-construction) can be seen just
west of Hotel San Carlos, and Camelback Mountain can be seen in the background. When the camera
pans south to the right you can see the Heard Building in the foreground with its antenna, which was
often confused to be the Westward Ho antenna. Behind the Heard Building you can see the
Professional Building.In the 1998 Gus Van Sant remake of Psycho, the camera zooms into a
window on the 8th floor of the Westward Ho.
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The Westward Ho is a high-rise building in Phoenix, Arizona.  The 16-story building, which is 208 ft to the roof,
held the title of tallest building in Arizona for over 30 years until the completion of the Meridian Bank Tower in 1960.
The building primarily served as a hotel from its grand opening in 1928 until its official closure on April 7, 1980.  
The facility also housed several offices and restaurants, including one on the 16th floor called Top of the Ho.  
There were also several gathering rooms in the hotel, the Turquoise Room on the 2nd floor where many
marriage receptions were held, and a large convention center adjacent to the main hotel which could seat
1,600 called the Thunderbird Room where many of Phoenix's big events took place.
After the hotel closed in 1980, the new owners converted the building into a subsidized housing complex
for the elderly and mobility impaired. Currently, the facility houses as many as 320 residents in 289
rooms which were recently renovated to make them more accessible for apartment residents.