After recently getting engaged to my soulmate, Diane, and in the midst of a full mid-life crisis, I decided to search for the
deeper meaning of who I am and what I should now do.  There are many ways to do this; runes, palm readings, astrology,
tea leaves, phrenology (head bump readings) soothsayers, naysayers, ball players (I mean my softball team!) and any
other kind of whacked out-ology that the new age crowd can devise. But I have given credence to the latest fashion of
finding the truth of who we are and why we are here through the portal of Anagramology. That's right, your life's deepest
truths can be found through the consonants and vowels of your own name!  By simply scrambling the letters of your name
and devising the pertinent words that magically appear, you can guide yourself to your life's fullest extent. Imagine a giant
word jumble scattered across the firmament of the sky spelling out the "destiny" that is yours! Or does it spell "density?"
  Anyway, I began my quest with the simplest form of my name, "Dan Rush."  I decided to start by simply spelling my
name backwards, "Nad Hsur."  Although distinctive, I don't think this exemplifies my inner self. What other words of
coherent meaning can be brought forth by the turning of a few letters, Vanna White style. Although "Shad Run" had no
special meaning to me, there were others that I wish hadn't. "Rash Dun" or "Had Runs" weren't exactly the deeper
meaning I was in search of. I don't think those two described my inner soul or physical traits that I am most associated with.
So I pressed on; "As Dr. Hun" might be closer to the truth, but I preferred, "DNA Rush," even though I have no
children...that I know of.
  No, no! This is not working at all! This is not describing me as I see fit! I've decided to expand the possibilities of my
search for my inner core and fate by using my full name, "Daniel Rush." The dizzying array of choices of adding my middle
name, Richard, was too daunting, so Daniel Rush it is!
  Now this was more like it!  My first scramblings revealed things such as, "Deal Rush In" and "Dan Rules Hi."  From my
standpoint this meant that I was a participator and someone that rules...even if it meant I do it under the influence.  Other
concoctions spelled out, "Laid, He Runs" and "Laid, She Run" and "Sundial Her."Â  All fitting into the concept of being a
Scorpio, ruled by the genitals.  But as I worked harder, I started to wonder if I needed to be this honest with myself.  I
may have showed signs of intoxication in a past not so far distant, but was I a "Rained Lush" or "A Diner Lush" or lived with
my "Head in Slur?"  I beg to differ!  I don't think anyone knows me to be "A Lurid Hen" or a "Radish Lune" or especially a
"Laser Hindu!"  But I have found that "A Hind Lures" me to a "Dual Shiner" if I can't "Dash, Lie & Run" fast enough.  Now,
if I "Had Lure Sin" into my life and I could not "Unleash Rid" of it, I might have had to "Unseal Dr. Hi" and live amongst the
"Hula Diners?!"
  Oh come on!  There must be insightful influence amongst these ten letters!  How can I make meaning of the words,
"A Shield Run," "A Hurled Sin" Inhale Dr. U.S." or "Danish Rule?"  I remember when "Iran Held U.S." hostages and when
Reagan ran a "Hard Line U.S." but what does this have to do with me?  I use to have an old girlfriend and I would "Usher
Linda" around town but I never met "Lauren Dish" and where do I meet this "Dinah" who "Lures?"Â  Maybe I was "An Idle
Rush" and I did "Laud" my "Shrine," but how could I get through life now knowing that my name spelled, "Urinal Shed!
  Seeing that my name also spelled, "Dan Lie Rush" and "Lunar Hides" maybe I'm just lying to myself.  There is no
deeper meaning to be found in all of this.  Or maybe I'm somebody else, "Rad, He Linus" or "Ah, Nerd Luis" or I could be
"Insured Hal."Â  I did find a good bumper sticker for myself, "I Haul Nerds."  But of all the possibilities there were two that
spelled the two sides of my ego, "Lad She Ruin" and "Unreal Dish."  Eureka!  There it is!  That is me!  An "Unreal
Dish!!"  There is nothing that fits my bill, can't, really?  Does my name really also spell..."Diane
Finding Yourself Through Anagramology