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531 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
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Photo Antiquities Museum of Pittsburg
See photos like these in their original form!
Plus the largest collection of cameras anywhere!
531 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 231-7881
Gum Prints
January 2 Through February 29
The Gum Bichromate Photographic Process of the 19th Centruy
enabled the first use of color in photographs and still remains
popular among photographic artists.
These single or multi layered images produce interestingly
beautiful results.
This collections features Gum Prints of Pittsburgh by Native
Pittsburgher, the late Ted Jones and others.
Native America
Portraits of the Native American

November 1 Through December 31
Featuring some historic works of Edward S. Curtis, vividly
protrays the strong character and way of life of the
American Indian.
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Photos That Killed

March 1 Through April 30
Explore the work and the risks involved in using the first
photographic process from 1839 through a large collection of
Spirits! Good and Evil

October 1 Through October 31
Back by popular demand for Halloween!
A bewitching, yet lovely collection of Victorian Era
post-mortem photographs and chilling early criminal mug
Some say that spirits linger near to their likeness.
The Civil War

July 2 Through August 31
Photography was still in its infancy, yet enthusiastic
photographers made their way to the battlefields with
burdensome cameras, glass plate negatives and caustic
The rare and historic images that they returned will provide us
with accurate accounts of the people and places of the Civil
The Dog Days of Summer
A Cute and Curious Collection of Canine
August 1 Through September 28 - Summer Special!
This photographic image collection of 19th Century dogs and
the human companions contains images captured from the
1850's ambrotype process through the 1910 silver gelatin
Yes, dogs have always been man's best friend and this
collection is something to bark about!
Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre
1844 A.D.

PHOTO ANTIQUITIES changes its focus from the thousands of
photographs to the thousands of different cameras it has on
display starting March 1. Cameras and the famous photos they
took positioned with them, will be displayed together for the first
time. Such as Iwo Jima flag raising Graphlex, copy of  
Daguerre's first camera ever,  James Bond's mini Minox spy unit,
the Big Bertha that caught Bill Mazeroski rounding third base in
1960 Winning Series and so on.