By Daniel Rush
  Cormac entered the Grand Hall visibly angered.  His great arms folded, his hair rose from his skull from his constant pulling at it through his fingers.  The
elders and assorted minions waited and worried what he would say next.  Jimmy and Mary were there trying to be invisible.  This last transgression by their race
toward the Anunnaki left them apologetic and sympathetic.  Cormac and his people had done nothing more than try to help humankind.  The Anunnaki asked for
only  a small parcel of land.  In return they gave the world the answers to eternal questions.  These were things that would better humankind eternally.  Maybe
Jimmy had been held by his benefactors too long.  He no longer thought about the millions in history who had perished for the purpose of herd population control.
  The one known as Athena spoke first, "Cormac, we should leave this planet and let them destroy themselves."
  Cormac spun and briskly went into her face.  "Is that why we have spent eons molding their future?  Would you like us to incinerate this planet for spite?  
These are children.  The Neifilim have given them new toys and they want to play with them.  They are automatons waiting for the buttons to be pushed.  We must
be the ones who push the buttons or they will become hybrids of the Neifilim.  Once this superior race with our genetic encoding and the Neifilim DNA begin to
flourish the simple humankind we have here on this planet will be destroyed.  The Neifilim's final solution will not be unlike Earth's Hitler.  In years to come, we will
have to deal again with the Neifilim and their genetically engineered army.  We will not turn and run!  The battle we have is not with humans, it is the Neifilim which
need to be conquered.  It is the Neifilim who need to be liquidated!  We shall recall all of our people and arsenal from Phobos.  We have no intelligence on their
real weaponry.  Although, I believe if they could have stopped us before they would have.  We will not take any chances.  Our action will be swift and thorough.  
Any collateral damage will have to be absorbed.  After we eliminate our enemies, we will repair our chain of friendship with the humans, if possible.  Begin
  As everyone began rushing in different directions, emptying the chamber, Jimmy and Mary stood quietly in a corner.  It was not till then that Cormac noticed
them.  Motioning for them to come to him, they made their way through the self -absorbed giants.
  "Yes Cormac, what can we do?"  Asked Mary.
  Jimmy, standing behind her watching everyone move about with fear in his eyes, said, "We know how to stay out of the way."
"That's exactly what I want you both to do, for now."  Cormac said with a frightening sense of foreboding in his voice.  "James you will be the first thing the world
sees after the completion of our campaign.  You will have to make them understand that this was in their best interests.  I will outline the important points with you
in the morning.  Now get some sleep, you look terrible.  Fairest Mary, good night."
  There would be no rest for James and Mary.  They could only think of the word, "Armagaddeon."
  The world was at peace.  Literally, there was no armed aggresion on the planet.  Everyone, everywhere just kept waiting.  Waiting for something to happen,
waiting for the Anunnaki to seek their vengeance on the humans, waiting for the Neifilim to pick up the gauntlet.  The people of Earth sat in quiet despair.  As if the
world's Super Bowl team had lost.  The collective anxiety of the people weighed heavily in everyone's heart.  Most realized this was the calm before the storm.  
Business went on as usual, perhaps to keep their minds off the impending doom.  The few places of worship that remained were filled 24 hours a day.  Weeks
passed without a murmur to what Cormac might be thinking.  Nothing was done to appease or rectify the situation of the chasm between Earth's people and the
mighty Anunnaki.  No matter what had been done to them in the past, the humans had to deal with the here and now.  A formal declaration of apology was
considered but was seen as futile.  There was nothing that could be said to heal the wounds of their treachery.  They could only wait to see how much humanity
was really in Cormac's breast.
  The Neifilim also stayed mum throughout this period.  The usually ever present Russell G. Connolly was conspiciously absent from the time of the attack on
Gaughim.  He stayed within the confines of the Magaughim Tower.  He spent most of his time pleading with his superiors to help the humans to destroy the
Anunnaki and to let him speak publicly.  They would ignore his pleas while doing what they did best waiting and "watching."  Connolly though, was
going stir crazy.  Using the pretense of visiting family back in Ireland, he left Cuba and flew to Dublin.  He had it arranged so that he could meet Jimmy in Galway.  
Galway is a small inland port city on the westside of the island.  Assuring Jimmy with promises of secrecy and protection, he managed to compel Jimmy to meet
him at the Lynch's Castle.  Built in the 16th century, the castle was reported to be sight of what later became known as a "lynching"  James Lynch FitzStephen -
Mayor of Galway in 1493 - condemned and executed his son for murder and had to hang his own son  because no one else would do it.  Taking advantage of the
opportunity to leave the pyramid and its beehive state of activity, Jimmy decided to bring Mary and the baby along.  Cormac found out his plans but decided to let him
go, just to hear what Connolly had to say.  With the western side of island deserted, he would have no problem making it safely on his own.  Jimmy's only real
threat was Connolly himself.
  As Jimmy and Mary entered the courtyard of the castle, they were surprised to find Connolly there alone.  Jimmy was not worried about Connolly, maybe,
assassinating him.  He put the shoe on the other foot and realized Connolly had nothing to gain from such an action.  Nonetheless, Jimmy was feeling tense.  
He walked over, with Mary in tow, having not a clue to what Connolly was about to propose.
  There were no greetings as Jimmy asked with a sneer in his voice, "What do you want Connolly?"
  "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Malone, I'm glad you made it."  A little surprised, Connolly was, to even see Jimmy in public.  "I figured we might have a lot to talk about since
we're rowing the same boat nowadays.  With your fall from grace and me being the harbinger of overzealous dreams.  We have both been duped by our
employers, don't you think?"Â  Connolly asked with a easy going assurance that sickened Jimmy.
  "Connolly, I have nothing to say to you.  I hold you responsible for Seamus McCarthy's death.  You built up the frenzy with your talk of your alien buddies being the
ones to save us.  Where were they when the world was fighting their fruitless battle.  Cormac is here to help the planet.  The Neifilim are only here to bring
mistrust and dissension."Â  Jimmy said with a quivering hate apparent in his voice.
  "Jimmy, I asked you to come here so we could join forces and stop what is about to happen.  We may be the only ones who can stop it.  How well do you the
  Jimmy turned and looked at Mary quizzically.  Turning his attention again to Connolly, he said, "I know it well enough to know it says "His enemy came and sowed
tares."  Connolly looking through his furrowed brow said, "It also speaks of the end times.  It mentions a battle, a great war.  It is started by two cities and brings
about the end of mankind.  Do you know the names of those two cities, James?"
  Mary gasped and grabbed Jimmy's arm.  "Oh my Lord!"  She cried as tears welled in her eyes.  Jimmy looked at her not knowing what Connolly was talking
  She fell to her knees and with one hand covering her face, said, "It's Gog and Magog!"
  "That's right Mrs. Malone," Connolly said with a dread that made them all feel ill.  "Just like Gaughim and Magaughim.  We have been the precipators of man's
destruction.  If there would be a history left to write, we would go down in it like Eve, Cain and Judas."
  Jimmy decided he would not return to the pyramid.  He knew he would not be able to change the way things were.  Mary's notion was to find a church and
repent.  Connolly would neither return to Cuba or any place else for that matter.  His plane would disappear, with the flight crew, somewhere over the Bermuda
Triangle.  Conspiracy theorists blamed it on the C.I.A. for his not warning the governments of the awesome power available to the Anunnaki.  It was more likely
though, that he had lived out his usefulness to the Neifilim.
  Jimmy and Mary continued down the coast to the town of Tralee.  Made famous by the folk classic "Rose of Tralee."  They walked into Paddy Mac's Pub sat in a
dark corner, ordered Guinness and drank to "Judgement Day."Â  Jimmy tried to lose his worries in the haunting rhythms of the Irish folk music that the locals
played.  The songs of hope amongst despair strengthened him.  Jimmy began singing the patriotic phrases with his brethren from their lair.
  Mary began speaking of the rich history of Ireland and Jimmy's place in it.  "Tara was filled with men like you who had circumstance in their favor.  This is your
time.  Carry the land of kings within your heart and you will do the right thing."
  It was then that a buzz began around the pub as the waitress began to have her suspicions as to who the strangers in the corner were.   Jimmy grabbed Mary by
the arm and hastily made an exit.Â
  Cormac had often wondered why the humans did not even try their nuclear weapons when they attacked.  And now he had found out why.  The Neifilim, not only
had a station in Cuba but also had other bases around the globe, Tehran, Lebanon, China, South Dakota and Suffolk, England.  Fearing retribution to any country
that would launch their arsenal, they persuaded the Arab nations to withhold their attack to save their own bases.  Cormac's plan of destroying Cuba to wipe out the
Neifilim had to be amended to include all of these places.  The human cost would be substantial and he could never rule peacefully again.  Maybe he could use
an excision strike to limit the deaths.  Plans had to be changed.  His only hope of regaining the faith of the humans would be to show the folly of their belief in the
Neifilim.  He would need James once again.
  Jimmy returned to the pyramid of his and Mary's own volition.  He knew he had a thin argument in convincing Cormac to live peacefully with Neifilim and the
humans but it was his only argument.  Jimmy was caught by utter surprise when his pleading for the human race contention was accepted by Cormac with nary a
raised voice.  Cormac told him to appear on television again and to read a sealed statement which would be given to him right before the broadcast.  Mary was in
shock at the ease of saving the planet against biblical proportion disaster.  She went to church and instead of repenting,  rejoiced at the outcome.
  Three days later, at the crack of noon, there was Jimmy, interrupting every television show on the networks.  Carried live by every news organization globally, he
tore open the envelope and began reading.  "People of Earth, this is the time of decision."
  As he read the prepared statement, Cormac's plan was put into motion.
  "Today is the beginning once again," Jimmy read.
  At 12:03 P.M., Cuba and all of its inhabitants were destroyed by Cormac's arsenal.
  "We told you when we arrived, we were here in the name of peace.  We do not hold you responsible for your attack on our city."
  An attack began simultaneously on the Mid-East.  There would no longer be a peace process needed in that region.  Outside these areas the viewing public
had no idea what was transforming.
  Jimmy continued.  "Our goal is to live quietly and comfortably with the human race.  We will not stand for outside interference by a bunch of zookeepers."
  The Badlands of South Dakota was expanded by the fallout of the Neifilim's base there.  Somehow, the Indian Reservation there was spared.
  As the cameras closed in on Jimmy at the podium his eyebrows raised as he read, "At this moment we are moving to ensure our vigilance as Earth's only true
friends.  All others are expendable."
  China and over 600 million Chinese peoples were being scorched as the Anunnaki laid waste to the Neifilim base there.
  "There will be a great outcry for the innocents who will be martyrs to our great cause.  Do not let this dissuade you of understanding the greater good that will
come of this action.  The human race will now enjoy a peaceful existence between their creators, without outside interference.  This day will go down in history as
the "Cleansing Day."  We shall be the new shepherds of your tired flock.  The pastures will be greener and more serene than at any time in your recorded history."
  Jimmy paused, taking in what he was reading slowly.  He saw the frightened looks of the people who were in the room.  He knew this did not bode well for the
outlook people would have on him, Mary or Cormac.  Mere words would have no effect on the relatives of millions who were dying.  Everyone on the planet would
be personally affected and know someone who had died in this "cleansing."  England too, was devastated enough that it would be thrust back into the  "Dark
  As he jogged the pages of text, sweat broke above his brow as he read the letter's final sentences.  "A day will come when you will look back at this day and thank
the Anunnaki for their foresightedness to rid you of the evil Neifilim and the burden of overpopulation on this small, blue sphere."
  Jimmy did not bother to read the way it had been signed.  Which read, "Your Everlasting Servant, Cormac."
  News began to filter in about the devastation that had taken place while people were enthralled with what Jimmy was saying on their television sets.  A
murmuring began in the room as Jimmy grabbed Mary and literally ran to the confines of the pyramid.  After a few days, tabulations were being made of human cost
involved in what was now called, "Black Tuesday."  Over 1.2 billion lives were lost.  Burials were needed for only a small percentage of them, as most were only a
shadow on what they were standing on.  After this tremendous loss of life, the people who remained were thankful that they were spared.  There would be no
more wars.  Life had finally become "precious."
  Jimmy could no longer live amongst Earth's people.  He boarded an Anunnaki starship with Mary and the baby and they left for planets unknown.  In the most
diabolical way, all of what Cormac had promised them had come true.  With a common enemy amongst Earth's many peoples, prejudice, war and blind hatred had
come to an end.  Unable to beat the new bully on the block the world resided to the fact that avoidance was the best course of action.  They rebuilt their cities,  
made memorials to the dead and prayed to a God they were no longer sure existed.  Cormac was left to live quietly in his pyramid.  Whenever a crisis of nature
would devastate a portion of the planet Cormac would send aid however he could.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes or floods still took their toll but the world
would no longer ask him to help  or ask him to lead them.  Strict birth controls were implemented worldwide to ensure that they would no longer need
"cleansing."  The humans finally and forcefully, had their priorities put in order.  Laughter seemed destined only for children.  Hope came only with obedience.  
But the world had something that previous generations had lacked, answers.  There would be no more starvation, battles or epidemics to destroy the balance of
this great thing called, "life."  It was a trade-off that they may or may not have made depending on the individual's cost.  A long time ago they prayed for it.