By Daniel Rush
  Seamus' first reaction to the incredible story Jimmy was telling to him was skepticism.  Sure, he could see the awesome ship but he was not going to believe in the
benevolence that the aliens professed.  He stood up and backed away from the now upturned table, threw up his arms and said to Jimmy, "Are you mad?!  How green can
you be?  Why would they choose this place of all the places to go?  They probably chose Ireland to land in because we have no army to speak of."  Seamus', with his
graying hair standing on end, limbs visibly shaking and wide eyes was the one who was looking "mad."  "You really think monsters from the sky are gonna come down from
the sky and just give you the Irish Sweepstakes for your crummy dirt?"Â  Seamus continued as he began to fast pace around the room.Â
  Jimmy just smiled and calmly said, "Yes Seamus and your crummy dirt too."
  Mary took Seamus by the shoulders and seated him again at the table.  She then began walking around straightening things up while she wondered what role she was
going to play in this new world order.  Trying to look regal, she said, "Imagine me, Queen to the Aliens!"  She did a deep curtsy as Jimmy broke into laughter.
  Seamus was irate as he stood again, knocking the oak chair backwards to the floor and sputtered, "You fools!  They are going to kill us and take our land!"
  Jimmy stood up grabbed him by the shoulders and said, "Relax man, I'm the chosen one and you're my right-hand friend.  Think what we can do with all that gold.  We can
buy a flat anywhere in the world.  Take a plane . . .  no, our plane and holiday wherever we want.  We'll help the poor, feed the the needy and maybe even buy our own pub!  
We can go visit your son in the States and buy him a castle."Â  Seamus slowly began to smile.
  "Mary, what do you want to do?" Jimmy said as he turned to hug her.
  "Oh Jimmy!  The first thing I want to do is holiday in Paris."
  Jimmy laughed as he asked, "What happened to going to Dublin?"
  She put her hands on her hips as she said, "I can't be caught dead there till I have a suitcase full of Paris originals and a makeover."
  "This calls for a celebration," Jimmy declared as he went to the icebox and pulled out the cider.
  Jimmy was sound asleep after a night of drinking and intimate carousing with Mary when he was summoned to the ship.  At four in the morning he suddenly sat up, put on
his church clothes and was compelled to go to the hatch of the ship.  Next thing he knew he was on the inside before he became coherent.  His bleary eyes were blinded by
an array of lights of every color.  He could not see the beginning or the end of them.  It was if there was no ceiling.  The smell of the ship was indescibable.  It had the odor
of somewhere between a hospital and his manure box.
  He felt himself about to gag when someone with a booming voice said, "Welcome James."
  He spun around to see what he figured were the eleven elders and Cormac seated at a long golden table.  Cormac was sitting in the middle but what he noticed first were
the three most beautiful women he had ever seen sitting among them.    As he stood there awestruck, Cormac repeated himself.  "Welcome James."
  With his arms at his sides, Jimmy nervously bowed and uttered, "Yes, your highness."
  A couple of them started whispering to one another.
  Then Cormac said, "Do not be tense, James.  You are amongst friends.  Remember we need you as you need the gold we gave you to fulfill your dreams.  We are
peers."  Cormac stood and slowly walked around the table, put his hand on Jimmy's shoulder and averred, "Today we resume our work on this world once more.  You,
James, will play an integral role in gaining your world's acceptance of us.  We know the inner workings of this land's Parliament and governing body.  To show our good
intentions and of course, to curry favor with your highest officials, we shall end this country's largest dilemma."
  Jimmy's eyes widened as he loudly blurted, You're going to destroy England?"
  Cormac gave him a sideways glance and said, "No, nothing like that.  We are going to purchase Northern Ireland and have it returned to Ireland."
  Jimmy was aghast. "Impossible," he said while shaking his head.
  That day, Jimmy, leaving Mary behind, drove to the Shannon airport.  There he changed some of the gold for £25,000. On the flight to Dublin he went over the instructions
his benefactors had given.  He had never been on a plane before and this kept him from being nervous.  Although, sitting in first-class did not help his situation much.  
Cormac had insisted he go first-class so he would feel intimidated.  Cormac knew full well, though, Jimmy would come to understand that his well-heeled traveling
companions were no better bred than Jimmy.  After some initial nausea and ear popping, Jimmy fell asleep.
  Jimmy's first stop was the finest haberdasher in the city.  After inquiring at a realtor he put money down on one of the largest houses in the city.  An elegant three-story
brick townhouse that overlooked St. Stephen's Green.  A large park and respite near the bustling city's center.  That night he went to the Temple Bar district and bought
drinks for strangers.  The next day he flew back to his farmhouse.  He was a changed man already.
  After reporting to Cormac he reported to Mary.  "We've been given a week to explore our new found wealth," Jimmy gushed.  "Don't pack anything because we're off to
Paris!  We'll pick up Seamus on the way to the airport."  Thus, began a dizzying whirlwind week of shopping, outdoor cafes, sightseeing and foolishness.  At one point
Seamus was arrested for breaking a rude Frenchman's jaw.  They never did find out what he was yelling about when Seamus slugged him.
  After paying his bail they realized it was time to go home for more money.
  On their return, they found the ship was gone.  In its place was a stone building the size of three of their barns.  Functionally austere, it had the trappings of a prison.  
Cormac was in their house to greet them.
  Jimmy asked, "Where's your ship and people?"
  "We found the logistics of keeping the airspace above clear was becoming dangerous for your air traffic control.  So we sent the ship, with most of the others, onto our base
on Phobos," said Cormac.
  Jimmy scratched his head.
  "Phobos is the Mars' moon I told you about," Cormac said.
  "Well what's with that castle you built out there?" Jimmy asked while pointing outside.
  "A temporary shelter till we get approval for our city."
  Jimmy was awestruck.  Jimmy stammered with his mouth still open.  "Temporary?  City?"
  "Yes, James.  Now we want you to choose an Irish charity to donate 30 million pounds to.  So we can get your name in the newspapers.  Then you will ask for a special
convening of Parliament to tell them where you received the money and all that has happened since our arrival.  The next day we shall address them along with what we
believe will be most of the Earth.  Now what charity do you choose?"
  Jimmy was in a daydream, all he could say was "30 million pounds?"
  Cormac turned to Seamus, "We will not be having any more incidents with you, will we?"
  Seamus in a sheepish manner said, "No your honor, I've learned my lesson."
  Mary piped in "Jimmy, you have got to give the money to the children."
  Jimmy regaining his senses said, "Alright, whatever the wife says.  We'll donate it to the Children's Defense Fund."
  Cormac nodded in a approving manner and said, "Begin your travel preparations.  You leave again in the morning."
  After Jimmy addressed the Irish Parliament there were shouts of "Poppycock" and laughter.  Parliament though could not brush aside the wonder of a simple farmer
suddenly amassing 30 million pounds.  On the outside chance of something astounding happening the next day, the news media of the world was told to be there in the
morning.  The BBC, CNN, AP, Interpol, Reuters and all the other major media outlets converged on Dublin.  Jimmy had made headlines all over the world.  Most
newspapers made him out to be an eccentric lottery winner who was crying out for attention.  Some thought he had a secret gold mine and that he demanded the world's
attention for some villainous reason.  The American media viewed him with skepticism and scantly gave him a blurb.  The Russians were trying to figure, if it were true, how
they could be the first to get the alien technology.  The Iranians put a price on Jimmy's head for blasphemy.  And the Chinese,  well, no one knew what they were thinking.
  So at noon of the most beautiful day in recent memory, Jimmy introduced Cormac to the world with the words, "Welcome to the new world order!"
  Cormac, ducking his head, entered Parliament to gasps of terror.
  A man in the rear stood and shouted, "You cannot turn Parliament into a circus sideshow!  Who is this freak?"
  Cormac waved his arm and the man vanished.  Cormac in a booming voice said, "Ladies and Gentleman, collect yourselves and listen closely!  Your colleague is safe
and nearby.  I have not come here to perform magic to get your attention.  Everything my friend James has told you is the truth.  Would you not think by my appearance that I
would have shown up as a villian on one of your television shows by now?  I understand your skepticism and I am willing to produce any proof you will need to justify our
  Another man shouted, "Then bring back our colleague!"
  Cormac waved his arm again and the man reappeared gasping loudly, "It's true, it's true, I was just in a ship overlooking Mars!"
  Everyone sat down as a murmur took hold of the room.  Cormac raised his arms and said, "I would like to apologize to that man for frightening him.  We are not here to
harm anyone.  On the contrary, we are here to help your country first, then the planet.  We expected skepticism from all corners but you shall all be believers before this day
is out."Â  By this time people all over the world were calling friends and family telling them to turn on the television.
  The crowd finally grew silent as Cormac turned to the camera and began his soliloquy.  "People of Earth, I and others like myself bring greetings and glad tidings to this
world.  My name is Cormac although your history speaks of me in many  appellations.  We come from a distant planet that also orbits your sun.  It is represented in your
folklore by the disk of the Egyptians and the Incas.  These ancient peoples had a true knowledge of the workings of the universe.  Somehow in our absence their beliefs
became shrouded in myth.  We had brought them the light of knowledge which through the course of history was slowly extinguished.  Our first contact with this planet was
hundreds of thousands of your years ago.  We originally came to this planet to mine gold from where you now call South Africa.  The gold was used to cover our transports,
protecting them from the sun's rays much as you do now on your space vehicles.  Even with our sophisticated techniques the drudgery of mining proved to be too laborious.  
So we did something that you may find to be earth shattering news, but must not be so.  We developed a hybrid to be our laborer.  Using the highest form of indigenous life
on this planet along with our seed, we developed a new life form called Adam, which literally means Earthling."
  The collective gasp across the world was deafening.  Cormac paused to let this all be taken in and to await a reaction.  The stunning news left everyone speechless.  
Figuring he had already disclosed the most incredible piece of information, he decided to tell all.  "Before the calls of blasphemy begin, let me state that this does not mean
there is not any Great Creator.  We, ourselves have belief and worship Him.  Like yourselves we have no scientific proof of Him.  I will counter your disbelief regarding my
version of the origin of man with this question.  In all your anthropological discoveries you have never found what you call the "missing link."  All we did was speed up the
natural evolution of this planet by a million years or so."
  "If we had not intervened you would still all be cave dwellers.  You have not evolved one iota from the first city of Ur.  Other than the advent of mass production and
electronics those ancient people had every benefit which you now enjoy.  The Sumerians, as you call them, were taught the arts of commerce, metallurgy, agriculture, poetry,
music, sculpture, architecture, science, surgery and finally astronomy to prepare for our infrequent arrivals.  We were worshipped as Gods by all your ancient peoples.  We
no longer need or want deification.  All we ask is that you grant us freedom to do as we please on the land for which we will pay as does any other commoner.  In exchange
we will enlighten you with knowledge you cannot yet fathom.  Ireland shall receive the immediate benefit of the lifting of the yoke of English rule in its northern counties.  
Through our wealth and negotiating talents Northern Ireland will be restored peacefully to its roots of Hibernia.  The Protestants will be relocated to a reclaimed Sahara
Desert.  They will be given arable land and a product which all the world will need.  They will, of course, at first defy this but soon will realize that this can become their own
utopia.  This will be the first step towards economic and societal standing for both the Protestants and the Catholics.  So as you see, we have no plans for altering your
religious beliefs.  If separation is the only way of ensuring the peace, so be it.  After these generations pass, the world shall meld back together and live in peace eternally."
  "During Earth's greatest eras we were here to guide the slow footsteps of man.  Once again we arrive at an opportune time in order to set this world on the correct path to
another Renaissance age.  We do not do this without selfishness.  As my friend James explained yesterday our home planet is in peril.  And although we have other
options available to us, we cannot wait idly by as you poison this planet and its unique properties that remain unexplored and unexploited.  Every ailment known to mankind is
curable through some natural substance that exists or existed on this world.  Unfortunately, through the razing of your rainforests you have destroyed the habitat of the insect
which would secure the cure to the disease A.I.D.S.  The cure for cancer, diabetes and other so called incurable ailments are still attainable.  We shall be happy to grant you
the knowledge for their eradication."
  "Now, I would like to destroy some of the other myths that have been espoused through the eons.  First of all, yes, we built the Pyramids of Giza.  They were primarily used
by us as landing beacons.  They were also used by your ancients for plotting the course of our planet.   Along with many other stone edifices dotted all around your planet
these ancients had singular knowledge to our comings and goings.  Places that you call today Stonehenge, Newgrange, Machu Pichu and others were built with the
solstices in mind.  This was the beginning of their rudimentary knowledge on agriculture.  Your advancements in this field have been minimal.  As I eluded to before we
have ways of turning your deserts into arable land.  We shall share this and many other astounding things with you for what little we ask."
  "We know you are still filled with skepticism.  That is your and our nature.  So on our next meeting we shall bring proof of what I have professed here today.  At that time
we will grant your twelve largest countries of this Earth one question each, which without reservation we shall answer.  We will meet again on the morning of the new moon.  
Thank you for your attention.   Please consider your questions carefully."