By Daniel Rush
  Towering high above the lush green fields with dots of white boulders that was the landscape of Connemara, was the panoramic Emerald City.  The high
expectations of the name it held were surpassed from a great distance.  Within months of the cornerstone of Malone Castle being laid a metropolis sprung to the sky.  
Besides being the most prestigious tourist destination, it was a center of learning for some of the most illustrious scholars of the era.
  The aliens were the professors of all sciences.  They were rewriting history of every genre and writing pre-history.  Their knowledge of the universe had NASA
scrapping all projects till they felt they were up to speed.  The agriculture industry boomed exponentially as futures on the stock market sky-rocketed.  Medical
advances were forthcoming daily.  Though, the more they enlightened the deeper the darkness became.  The insatiable human appetite for questions was becoming
bewildering.  The Elders debated heatedly on what to divulge to the once slaves.  Knowledge of electronics and weaponry were explicity denied while moral questions
were tiptoed around with deft wordplay.  Enthunasia, abortion, capital punishment seemed to be what the humans most wanted to know whose opinion was right.  
Eventually, the Elders came out with a proclamation averring to the effect that these questions are to be met by the culture in which they arise.  They, not being of divine
right, had no answer which would suit all cultures.  Though they had no intention of resolving conflicts, large or small, their arbitration skills were highly sought after.  
Sought after to the point of that N.A.T.O. was abolished and the United Nations was scaled back to an argument society.
  Strolling through the cloister of his castle James was immersed in his thoughts of the past months happenings.  Stopping to blankly stare at a swallow perched on
the transept he wondered where the simplicity had gone.  Having to fly off at a moments notice to the corners of the world to espouse the virtues and advantages of
Cormac and his people to any jackal with a microphone had him reeling.  Mary was now eight months pregnant and avoiding the limelight for her own simplicity, but
James would never have such a luxury.  He dreamed of the days of working in the fields till his body wailed  with muscle burn.  Nostalgia rolled over him like an old
movie he had seen hundreds of times.  Power was not a narcotic for him but an addiction that cold turkey could not escape.  Pilgrims flooded the doors of his life, the
front door, the back door and the doors of his mind which he used to shut them out.  They came from every walk of life, from every disease known, from every train of
thought.  He was the ear for the miracle people that they all sought refuge from any and all ailments.  Questions, pleas and threats were to be endured by him as the
aliens further removed themselves from humanity.  Jimmy would have appointments all day long, some of which he would keep.  He felt sometimes like nothing more
than a secretary.  He would make lists for Cormac's attention, have somone type them up and submit them once a week.  He found himself donating his own money
more than he liked.
  "Somebody has to help these people."  He would say to Mary.
  Rarely though, would money help.  After a while he would find the same people returning with their still unsolved problems.  He knew his lists were falling on deaf
ears.  It became apparent that Cormac wanted to save the world in large splashy areas but the common soul with a degenerative disease is not what the papers wrote
about anymore.  Threats against Jimmy's life were also becoming a common occurrence.  His unfulfilled promises were beginning to catch up with him as the needy
realized he was their only chance at normal existence.  Everyone knew that these were only idle threats because security at the castle and surrounding Jimmy was
unprecedented.  His circle of life was decreasing  and appeared more like a noose everyday.
  Seamus had no such travails.  Leaving James and Mary to the responsibilities that came with fame he took full advantage of the irresponsibilities that came with it.  
He blew into Fort Lauderdale under the guise of retrieving his son, who did well for himself selling computer components, and made him quit his job.  After buying a
yacht to cruise around the  "Venice of America," they were spreeing and binging at all of the chic nightclubs.  The local society page tagged him "The Alien
Don."  He frequently wore a white tuxedo which really only accentuated his ever redder glowing nose.  All the while his son, John, was usually the master of
ceremonies at a Bootleggers' bikini contest.  John was a gangly boy for his age.  With stunningly bright red hair and fair skin that blistered easily under the relentless
Florida sun, he would often wear long sleeves to cover the Celtic border that was tattooed on his lithe bicep.  His twenty four years had been hard ones.  He never fully
forgave his father for his mother's death although it may have been tougher on Seamus.  Though he did not have the penchant for the spirits his father did, John would
never let himself reach his own potential.  When true responsibility was thrust at him he would simply "find something better to do."
  Seamus was beginning to be followed by every national news outlet there was.  He would often headline "Hard Copy" and others of its ilk.  The late night talk shows
begged for his appearance but Seamus usually turned down television appearances.  He prided himself on collecting honorary degrees from universities that hoped
for endowments.  He would check in with Jimmy on an irregular basis, listen to him complain then promise him he would be back, "After I find the next Mrs. McCarthy."
  James could stand no more.  He went to Cormac with tears in his eyes and pleaded, "I want my life back!"
  Cormac took pity on the man, "James, my heart is heavy with your sadness.  I knew there would come a time when money, prestige and power would no longer sate
you.  This is the burden of every ruler in man's history, Julius Caesar, Brian Boru and even Richard Nixon."
  James was almost foaming at the mouth when he screamed, "So, I'm a ruler now?!  I'm nothing but a lackey, a wall where all your problems stop!  I am the one who
has to watch in disgust and horror as every sin of God and man is laid at my feet!"Â  James began sobbing as he managed to almost inaudibly say, "I have nothing to
give these people, nothing."
  Cormac stooped to wrap his arms around James.  He used his power of being able to bring serenity to calm James.  James felt what he was doing and tried to
fight it but collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.
  As he laid there Cormac began telling him why he was chosen.  "James, the powerlessness you feel is nothing more than a lapse of realization of the abilities within
you.  You have the strength to endure, you have the beauty of spirit to take people to the next plateau.  You must focus your energy on what is the most important.  And
that is what kind of world do you want your son to grow up in?"
  James leapt to his feet, "Son?  I'm having a son?"
  Cormac smiled, knowing he could no longer hold his attention.  "Yes James, on the next full moon."  He thrust his fist to the sky and let out a whoop of happiness.  
He ran off to the castle like he just kicked the winning goal at the World Cup, yelling, "Mary, Mary!"
  The blessed event, of course, overshadowed everything in Jimmy's life.  The child was feted like an heir to a throne.  They named the child after Jimmy's father,
William.  Seamus even returned, empty-armed.  Cormac, though, allowed little time before expecting James to return to his duties.
  Ireland had grown into a world power and had to emerge as a mediator of conflict after conflict.  They negotiated a separate country for the Basque separatists,
brought Quebec back into the fold and elicited the independence of Taiwan.  Flare-ups were neverending though.  Ever since the bombing at the Wailing Wall the
Mid-East peace process had become an escalation of war.  The real problem area, that not even Cormac had an answer for, was Los Angeles where the race riots had
taken an ugly turn.  Refugees were leaving in droves while commerce was all but stopped in the city.  A full third  of the city was lost to flames.  A guerilla war had
begun against the National Guard and the government could not send in the military for fear of inciting urban areas all over the country.  Detroit and Miami were already
percolating.  World peace would never be achieved without a common enemy for all humankind.
  Amongst all the talk of the riches bestowed to man via the aliens, was the larger question of how they could be filtered into the dogma of various religions.  There was
no way of denying their existence or what they said.  The history they espoused could not be proven wrong.  The major books of religious beliefs were scoured for
passages which could be read  to show that the prophets or saints may have been alluding to Cormac or the Elders.  This was easier than previously thought.  
Legends of numerous gods spoke of miracles that could be construed as things that were now possible.  Heroes of song and story spoke of many incidents with
god-like creatures, Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great and all of the Greek myths.  But as in so many other things, there was a portion of population who could not be
convinced that they were not being duped by the aliens.  These religious zealots believed the aliens were just trying to undermine the foundations of  their doctrines for
some ulterior motive.  Perhaps to have the humans dismiss their religious principles so that they could  substitute for their new God.  Or possibly, to alter human
history so that they could take credit for all of man's great achievements thereby relegating man to a sheep's status.  In this way they could lead them to an easy
slaughter.  A grassroots organization began to form among them, N.O.G., Not Our Gods.  With the use of the internet and cable access channels the organization grew
through an international audience.  Though they had no real agenda to being able to deal with the aliens they raised enough eyebrows to have themselves included in
any human ad-hoc committee rulings.  Out of this group of zealots, fanatics emerged.  The fanatics denounced all coalescing with the aliens.  They demanded an
autonomous country where they could be out of the alien sphere of influence.  Teams of suicidal bombers were secretly being formed for some kind of sortie, but not
even they knew for what.  The Irish even had a chapter of N.O.G. organized by none other than Russell G. Connolly.
  James tried again to shirk his responsibilities to Cormac and the human race to become a doting father.  Cormac reminded him that though he had time on his
hands because he no longer had to till his land, he had other obligations now.  "The sixteen hours a day you struggled through on your farm would have left you with
less time than I now afford you, "Cormac said with an air of authority.  "You must understand that your one child will benefit from the efforts you put forth to all children."
  James was feeling more of a peon than ever before.  "Before we go any further, I demand that you answer some of the questions I posed to you at our first
encounter!"  James said, trying to even the playing field.  "You said I was bred for this position and that my Grandfather was of your kind, right?  Well, I require an
answer now.  I want to be able to answer my boy when he asks why I was gone for weeks on end.  Why I wasn't there to teach him football and mathematics."
  Cormac had tried to avoid this day and the complications it was about to bring.  He turned away from James, cleared his throat and waveringly started, "It is not
entirely true."
  James' ears perked up as he said, "Excuse me?"
  Cormac continued, "You were not bred for this position.  You were nothing but a man of inscrutable character that we chose for our means.  We had to pick
someone of a simple lifestyle to show that we were not looking for a person with a political agenda.  You have served us well and when we have achieved our goals you
will be rewarded princely.  As for your Grandfather, he was an operative that we induced to start the uprising against the British, along with a few others."
  Jimmy was livid.  He wanted to strike down Cormac right where he stood.  He did not have the will of a David nor the sling so he spat in Cormac's face and Cormac
let him.  "You used me!  You took my life away, to be your bleeding puppet!  Pull this string and I'll bow, pull that string and I'll sing your song for sixpence!  Am I
trading this world for thirty pieces of silver?!  Are you and your monsters going to cure us of our diseases so you can eat us!"
  Cormac was wiping his face as he spoke,"James, James everything else I have told you is the truth.  I used nothing but human psychology to make you feel
comfortable with the role you were to be given.  We are not monsters and besides your bodies are too salty for our taste.  We are here to help and I think you know our
intentions are admirable for all living creatures.  Return to your wife and child in the palace we have given you.  All matters shall wait till you have had time to regroup
and relax.  I shall summon you then."
  Jimmy went home and immediately started to pack.  The frenzy that ensued had Mary trying to calm him while the baby cried in her arms.  Jimmy tried to tell Mary
what he had been told through the blind rage that engulfed him.  "Sit down, please Jimmy," Mary cried.  "Jimmy, we were nothing but dirt farmers, dirt farmers
Jimmy!  Look where we are right now.  Do you think we were given all of this so they could toy with us or eat us?!  Cormac would do anything to make our world
better.  We have to have faith in him.  We certainly can't put our faith into anything else in this crazy world."    Jimmy was beleagured, frightened, sad and angry as
he began to sob into the breasts of the only person or thing he would ever have faith in again.
  Cormac returned to the pyramid to tell the other Elders what had transpired.  They wanted to know why Cormac just did not lie to James.  What could be served by
telling him he was nothing but a random choice.  With the power James had amassed, with their help, he could sway more people to join the dissenting
organizations.  If they could keep the people of Earth from perceiving them as a threat, the objectives could be carried out.  The only way they could battle the Neifilim
when they arrived is to have the Earth believe the Nefilim were the common enemy so that the Anunnaki would have unlimited access to the Earth's resources.  Cormac
understood all of this, but once humankind was convinced of the threat of the "Watchers" they would see it was his people, the Anunnaki, who had cured their diseases
and given them innovations so that the people of Earth would take their side.  They had to do something that could never be forgotten by the people of Earth.  
Something that would make them fight alongside with them against their mortal enemy.  The Neifilim were here since the time of Sumer.  And even though the
Anunnaki were here long before that, the control of the human race had never been settled.  They had never communicated with their enemy, had never fought their
enemy, but their presence had always been felt.  Cormac knew that with him now living on this planet the Watchers were no longer going to play spectator.  The time
was nigh for their presence to be acknowledged also.  Their agenda was one that all should be frightened of.  He could not tell humankind of this until they did
something tangible.  Hopefully, then it would not be too late.