There is a picture of you and I,
It shows up many times in a day,
It is caught in my mind's eye,
Sometimes it leaves me with nothing to say.
It is an image of us hugging and laughing,
Smiling as bright as the day,
Where we were is lost to time,
But it may be during the month of May.
A moment of happiness,
An instant of exhilaration,
But it feeds a lifetime of inspiration.
Caught in a fleeting flash,
It carries me through the storms,
Helps me to appreciate what I have,
And all that you give, here and now.
And soothes my knitted brow,
That photo of us will never grow old,
Captured while our love was new,
It encompasses my heart,
Like the love that I have for you.
Danny Boy
YOU & I . . .