Party Barbie's Arizona Trip Travelogue
11/1/05 - 10:00 AM: Arrived at Joann's house.  TaLeef drove me over.  I had tea and some pumpkin bread.
11/2/05 - I slept on the couch and Joann woke me up saying: "Good Morning!" at 4:00  AM.  4:30 AM George picked us up and then we went to Molly's
house to pick her up and then we went to the airport.  We stopped and had some chai tea and more pumpkin bread that Joann had brought with her.  
While we were at the airport my friend Sharon called to wish me a Happy Birthday on her way home from Las Vegas.  We must have passed each other's
path while she was returning to Pittsburgh and we were leaving.  Cath called and sang Happy Birthday to me.  My friend Karen called and wished me a
Happy Birthday and great vacation.  The plane left at 7:30 AM and will be arriving in Phoenix at 10:30  AM CST.  Danny is to pick us up at the airport.  While
in the air all you could see was circles on the ground and squares.  Looks like a patchwork quilt.  The circles were all sizes, some were half circles, large
and small, and some were pie shaped with triangle shaped inside.  Some of the circles were green, brown and gray.
Danny picked us up at the airport and we went to his house.  He took us to eat a Spanish restaurant at Scottsdale and we also shopped.  He took us to
Tempe, a college town and we also looked around.  We ate dinner at the Texas Road House in Peoria to celebrate my birthday.  We saw lots of different
kinds of cacti.
11/3/05 - Danny picked us up and we drove to Wickenburg, founded in 1863, for breakfast at the Golden Nugget Restaurant.  What a cute restaurant with
lots of atmosphere and cute little old ladies as waitresses.  We went to Prescott and stopped in a saloon that Steve McQueen had visited and had his
pictures on the wall.  We shopped and I bought a silver and turquoise charm.  We then went on the drive to the Grand Canyon.  We arrived after a 4 hour
drive to the Grand Canyon.  WOW,  what an incredible sight.  You just have to see it for yourself.  I never saw anything quite like it.  We saw the donkeys
that travel down the Canyon.  We walked down the trail to a lookout point.  It takes 8 hours to walk to the bottom of the Canyon.  There is a phantom ranch
at the bottom that has a 10 year waiting list to stay.  I saw the river at the bottom of the Canyon.  The Canyon is 10 miles wide and 200 miles long and 1
mile deep.  We stopped at the Desert Tower View Watch.  On the way back, Danny stopped at the side of the road and said GET OUT and we did.  He
wanted us to see the sky with all the stars out at night without any of the lights from the city.  We also stopped at Flagstaff on our way home for dinner at
Malone's and then we returned to the hotel at 11:30 PM.
11/4/05 - Joann and I went to breakfast and then for a walk for an hour.  We returned to the hotel and put on our bathing suits to go swimming at the hotel
pool.  I went on the water slide and so did Danny.  After swimming we got ready and went to Arizona's State Fair.  Diane cooked dinner for all of us at
Danny's house.  We had ham with pineapple, scalloped potatoes, green beans almandine, and Cole slaw.  I had 2 Irish Cream drinks and took a short
nap.  The movie we watched was Joy Luck Club.  Danny took Joann and I back to the hotel.  Danny house is lovely a 3 bedroom ranch with palm tree in
front and a fenced in backyard.  The inside is very spacious and so neat and clean.  I saw his sports memorabilia room.  I met Layla; she is a small dog
with lots of energy.  I liked her, but Joann was glad that we stayed at a hotel.  Molly stayed with Danny and Diane.
11/5/05 - Today is Saturday, we went to Danny's house for breakfast and then to (Costco) Shop N Save and afterwards we went to visit MysteryCastle.  
Danny also took us to the top of South Mountain and stopped at Scorpion Gulch.  It is 7 ½ miles up the mountain, 15,000 acres and 19 square miles.  
We ate dinner in Cooperstown, Alice Cooper's Restaurant.  Danny took us back to the hotel and Joann and I went to the bar in the hotel and had a couple
of drinks.  We met some ladies from Pittsburgh.  The one lady gave me her name and where she worked in Munhall.  She told us to stop and see her
when we get our haircut.  We also met a guy from San Francisco who told us to visit the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego when we go there tomorrow.
11/6/05 - We had a wake up call at 6:30 AM and left for San Diego around 8:00  AM.  We drove through the desert from Phoenix with cactus to the sand
dunes to the great rock boulders.  What a sight to see.  There is a lot of green in the desert.  When we drove past the sand dunes there were people with
their 4 wheelers going up and down the dunes.  We arrived at San Diego and went right to the beach.  We saw people with their surf boards and they
were surfing in the ocean.  We all took off our shoes and put our feet into the Pacific Ocean.  The water was very cold.  We then parked the car and ate
lunch at Anthony's Restaurant.  They had great seafood.  Molly and I both had lobster and the others also got seafood.  We then went on a tour of 5 ships
in the harbor that were docked.  We toured the Russian submarine called the B39-Fox Trot.  We saw Great Sail boats, Steamships, and the Star of India.  
We went to the Del Coronado Hotel across the Bay Bridge.  The hotel was visited by every president and important person.  It is the only hotel that is
completed built from wood and no nails.  We left and went to the Sheraton Hotel and got settled.  Danny, Diane and I went to the hotel bar and had a
couple of drinks and talked.  I went back to the room and got settled.
11/7/05 -  Monday, we got up and had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel and then we left to go on a 2 hour boat tour on the Horn Blower 2 decker boat.  
We toured San Diego by sea and saw Navy ships, the Bay Bridge and seals sleeping on a barge.  What a great view of the city.  Afterwards we went to
OldTown that has gas lamps and shopped and toured.  We ate a great Mexican Restaurant.  We returned to Phoenix and arrived at the hotel at about
11:45 PM. On the way back we played a game.  Danny told us to GET OUT and be ready for tomorrow for the trip to Sedona.
11/8/05 -  Danny picked us up and we stopped for gas and then stopped at CJ's Diner for brunch on the way to Sedona.  We passed Bad Ass Acres on
the way.  We stopped at Montezuma's Castle on the way to Sedona.  The castle was built into the mountain with 35 rooms.  We took pictures and went to
the gift ship for post cards.  We saw a small waterfall in the river.  We stopped at the Holy Cross Chapel.  The church is built into the mountain.  It is a
small church, but what a sight built into the mountain of Sedona.  We stopped at the gift shop downstairs and I bought a cross.  Danny took us to Sedona
and we stopped at shops and looked around and then we got ice cream.  At 4:00 PM Danny said GET IN and buckle up and hold onto the Oh Shit
Handles and we started 4 wheeling up the dirt road.  It was very dusty Yehaw!  Wow what a sight!  Beautiful!  We were holding on as we went up the
mountain to the top and then we got out and climbed to the top.  We were at Danny's favorite spot.  We saw Santa, Snoopy and the Party carvings in the
side of the red rock mountains.  We got to the top at the perfect time for the sun to set on SedonaMountains.  How beautiful.  We stopped on the way
home to Danny's favorite restaurant, the Macaroni Grill for dinner for Danny's birthday celebration.
11/9/05 - Wednesday AM we finished packing and Danny and Molly picked us up and we went downtown to the Phoenix baseball stadium to TGI Friday's
for lunch.  We stopped in the historic district and visited the Doll Museum and then we went to the airport.  My bag was 12 pounds over weight.  I had an
extra suitcase inside my other suitcase and put 12 pounds into it and had to send 2 suitcases on the flight.  The airplane was leaving Phoenix at 4:07 PM
to Pittsburgh arriving at 10:00 PM.  Joey picked us up from the airport and drove us all home.  What a wonderful memorable vacation.