Our New Rescue Dog!
We met Benny at an Animal Welfare Shelter when he was taken by a good samaritan off the mean streets of hot Phoenix.
Benny is one years old and had not been taken care of at all.  He had matted hair, was not neutered, no microchip and a bad foot due to
an ingrown toenail.  This is him as we rescued her.  When his neutering scars heal we will have him all cleaned up.
Benny was named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Rush
Benjamin Rush (1746 – 1813) was a Founding Father of the United States.  Rush lived in the state of Pennsylvania and was a physician,
writer, educator, humanitarian, as well as a signer of the Declaration of Independence and attended the Continental Congress.
He served as Surgeon General in the Continental army.  Rush became a professor of chemistry, medical theory,
and clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania.
After the loss of our dog, Layla, after 15.5 years, we knew that our grieving process would never be complete without a new
companion to bring cheer to our souls.  Benny does that and more.  We thank him for "rescuing" us as our friend Jim noted.
Bennie is a
Wire Haired
Terrier Mix
& Benny
Benny Weighs
9 Pounds