Forbes names "Encanto Park" in Top 12 Best City Parks in America!
The Valley's best places to take the family is conveniently located just west of 7th Avenue on Encanto Blvd, right in the heart
of Phoenix's picturesque Encanto Park. Enchanted Island is filled with charm and magic, offering nine fanciful rides and a variety
of popular attractions geared especially toward children aged 1 to 10.   Ride the historic Encanto Carousel. Pedal-boat across
fish-filled lagoons. Test your skill at our arcade games, and share the memories over a fluffy ball of cotton candy.
September 17th, 2011
Me & Granny GaGa
Mommy in the
Hurricane Simulator
This Place Blows
Her Away!
Inside Encanto Park, Phoenix, AZ
Chris in His
"Dan Quayle" Designer
Mommy Wins!!
Me & My Girl
She Grabbed My Stick Shift!
"Home James, Manny"
"Uh, Thanks For the Warning!"
"And Yinz Call Yourselves Friends!"
All Aboard!
Hey Dora, This is
the "Tunnel of Love"
Encanto Park
Mmhmm, Give Me
Some of That!
Mommy Knows How
to Throw a Party!
I've Got My Butt
Crack Pants On,
So I'm Ready to Help!
Encanto Park
~ Mouse Over ~
to See Layla's
Birthday Wish!
Guess What I
Wished For?
Hmm, Needs
~ Mouse Over ~
to See Action!
~ Mouse Over ~
to See Action!
~ Mouse Over ~
to See Action!