1865. "Charleston Orphan Asylum, 160 Calhoun Street, used as a hospital for wounded Federal soldiers."
From photographs of the Federal Navy and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy,
1863-1865.  Wet-plate glass negative, half of stereograph pair, photographer unknown.
1864. A passel of Yankees in repose.
"Federal picket post near Atlanta, Georgia."
Wet collodion glass plate negative by George N. Barnard.
"Soldier group, Federal Army."
Circa 1865 wet-plate glass negative.
Location and photographer unknown. Library of Congress Civil War collection.
August 1864. Petersburg, Virginia.
"Siege of Petersburg. Group of Company B, U.S. Engineer Battalion."
Wet plate glass negative.
August 1862
"Culpeper Court House, Virginia. Federal soldiers and wounded Negro."
Wet-plate glass negative by Timothy H. O'Sullivan.