Bisbee, Arizona
The Copper Queen Hotel, started in 1898 and completed in 1902, was the product of a booming mining camp
called Bisbee.  Once the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco, it is now a beautiful, quiet getaway.
While the town of Bisbee has"grown up," it has not lost its charm. Soon after Bisbee became a town, Phelps
Dodge Mining Company built the CopperQueen Hotel as a place for dignitaries and investors to relax in luxury.
There are three resident ghosts at the Copper Queen Hotel. The first, an older gentleman, tall with long hair and a beard, is usually seen wearing
a black cape and a top hat. Some claim they smell the aroma of a good cigar either before or after seeing him. He appears in the doorways or as a
shadow in some of the rooms in the southeast corner of the fourth floor, near the Teddy Roosevelt room.  The second and perhaps most famous,
is a female in her early thirties but the name of Julia Lowell. The story goes that she was a lady of the evening on Brewery Gulch and used the
rooms in the hotel for her clients. She supposedly fell madly in love with one of the gentlemen and upon telling him, he no longer wanted
anything to do with her. She then took her own life here at the hotel.
Our third and youngest ghost is a small boy, age eight or nine. It is said that he drowned in the San Pedro River. It
's believed that his spirit found
its way to the hotel because a relative, perhaps his mother or father was employed here at the time. He's the most mischievous of the three.