March 22nd, 2006
Day Six
Lute's Casino: Where there are no card
games or one-armed bandits but plenty of
Dominoes and plenty to see.  Try the World-
Famous "Especial".  A hamburger with a
hotdog thrown on top and splashed with
hot sauce!  Artery clogging endorphin food!
The White Ghost Dog
of Lee Hotel
Roosevelt Dead!
The Haunted Hotel of Yuma
The Fountain at Town Square
The World Famous Lute's Casino
One of the Friendly
Yuma Denizens
Gary Picks Up the
Check Out That Ass!
The Haunted McDonald's
of Yuma...No Kidding!
Yuma - Yuma County - Hotel Lee - At least 3 spirits have been seen by guests and employees of the
Hotel Lee one of a young teenage girl usually seen late in the evening carrying towels down the
back hall. The other is believed to be the original owner of the Hotel she is seen walking the halls late
at night and has been known to knock on or rattle the doors of the rooms. The 3rd spirit is that of
an Indian woman believed to pre date the hotel. She has been seen hovering above the guests beds
and is known to take small screwdrivers and awls later to return them in odd places.
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