March 24th, 2006
Day Eight
Phoenix - San Carlos Hotel - haunted by suicide victim Leone Jensen who
killed herself there. It's bad enough when you stay at a hotel and irresponsible
parents allow their children to run (literally) up and down the halls, day and
night. What can you do when the running children are ghosts? That's the long
and the short of it at this hotel, which was built in the 1920s. It seems the
hotel now occupies the site of the first elementary school in Phoenix.
The World-Famous San Carlos Hotel in Downtown Phoenix
Originally built as Phoenix's first school it soon morphed into a
hotel for the mega-stars of Hollywood's Hey-Day.  Clark Gable,
Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe and Mae West are just a few of
the stars who stayed here.  Opened in 1928 it still thrives today
as a centrally located landmark of a by-gone era.  Today, you
can stay in the rooms that the stars lounged around and swim in
the pool on the roof.  The rooms are decorated in the fashion
of the stars that stayed within.
Basement of the San Carlos Hotel
Children have drowned in the spring located below the Hotel.  
Now Ghostly Orbs are attracted to children who play there.  
What are Orbs?
Gary Came Up To See Her Sometime
But, I Think He is a Few Years Late
San Carlos Hotel Lobby
Orpheum Theatre
Across the Street
Marilyn Slept Here!
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