It is with much joy that I am able to extend to the readers of the
SteelCactus Network a recent visit with the world renowned
Molly Rush.  The singing sensation traveled to the
West to promote her newest line of haute culture ensembles,
"Modern Hippie."  The SteelCactus Network arranged for
multiple fashion shows to take place at the varied high cultured
stops of the Southwest.  Bringing her sister of "
Sisters of Stone"
JoJo Starbux and JoJo's Rap Mogul son, Young MC
Joey P brought a star quality to the newest developments in the
Post-60s Retro line.

We began a smashing, star-studded affair at the popular
Pappadeaux's.  The crowded room burst to its seams
with the glitterati of the Phoenix area and the denizens of the
well-heeled chic culture.  Her new spring line of tasseled leather
and tie-dyed mini skirts wowed the crowd and left them begging
for more.  Outside the jubliant event we had her
pose with one of
models, Diane.

The next day we scouted locations for a Sisters of Stone Reunion
tour.  Visiting the
spring training Mecca of Peoria and enjoying a
ball game was not really Molly's cup of green tea but she thought
it might be a place for a free concert in the fall with all proceeds
going to her passion,
The Thomas Merton Center.

The next show was to be held at
WestGate.  This sparkling jewel
of a venue was a perfect location for Molly to display her wares
in upscale fashion.  
Margaritaville, the SaddleRanch and a host of
other delicious dens of tasty delight was a focal point for her
West Phoenix shows.  After the exhausting show
we settled in for
foie gras and Lobster Newburg at the SaddleRanch and
ecstatic to find they served chips and salsa too!  After an
interlude of dining we were entertained by the
local guitar
sensation, Berky Buckshot.  Who also posed with one of the
models, Ashley.  It was a howling good time!

The following day found us at the serene oasis of the Chinese
Culture Center where Molly searched for inspiration amongst the
silken fabrics of the Far East.  Strolling the Garden of Buddha's
Snapdragons, Molly exclaimed, "My Fall line will feature the
exotics of China lined with fringe."  
No wonder she is fashion's
brightest light!

Our last stop was the fashionable district of Scottsdale.  Though
she was sadly disappointed with the flair of its denizens, "They all
look like
Laura Bush!"  We visited the Scottsdale Art Fair and
took a
jaunting ride on a coach but the only ones she found with
fashion sense were these two gentlemen who were sporting
her creations from last year.

After a
relaxing night of dining at the SteelCactus Enclave with
her top models she was well rested for her excursion to the base
of America fashion, Los Angeles.  There she encountered some
fashion disasters and did a little sightseeing at the Mann's Chinese
Theater.  She found that her feet were bigger than John Wayne's
and that her
fashions were starting to take off.

It was her great fortune to find that the
Guru of Water Wear was
there and we were able to get photos of
these fashion giants to
together for a
photo-op.  She also ran across a booth that
proved that her genius in
not only fashion but the ability to spawn
a whole
counter-culture of Modern Hippies.  Finding numerous
displays of her
trendy fashions littered on Hollywood Blvd. was a
real thrill.

After dining at the World Famous Mel's Diner where she posed
with her
top male fashion model we found the star of her biggest
customer.  After that it was down to the 3rd Street Promenade
where she found more of
her fashions along its high scale
boutiques.  It seemed everyone was wearing her creations.

inspecting her accommodations for the next morning's show
it was bed time.  Tomorrow would be a whirlwind for Molly.  
With meetings and shows packed wall to wall throughout the
day, there would be no time for the
Jimmy Kimmel Show.

After leaving
her L.A. Mansion she headed straight to the apex of
the fashion world,
Rodeo Drive.  After leaving her rental car in a
tow zone she cruised the "
Thoroughfare of Decadence" to ensure
that they were all carrying Molly Rush originals.  
Pointing out
accessories that may go with her clothing line and buying her
models the latest originals was only a couple of gestures that kept
the paparazzi in a tizzy and
swarming after her.  She attempted to
ditch them by
jumping into another car but decided to give in and
posed for photos with some of her models.

After a show that
brought down the house at the Beverly Wilshire
Hotel we hustled to the Getty Center where Molly's fashions
displayed amongst the great artifacts of history.  Molly had
conquered L.A. and the world was her oyster.  We were lucky
to be
along for the ride.

After a
scrumptious meal at Duke's Hawaiian Seafood Eatery
we watched whales break with the ocean's waves and
enjoyed the fresh ocean breezes.  The
driver was late so we took
time to admire the

Cruising along the
Pacific Coast Highway brought us to the
wonderful landmark of the
Santa Monica Pier.  Walking along
the famed
beach and boardwalk we had managed the timing to
coincide with the
spectacular sunset.  We took numerous photos
and we managed to
capture shots of Molly which will be used in
her upcoming "
Beach Bum Fashions" spectacular.

The last day in L.A. found us at
Venice Beach.  Her "Stupendous
Sunglasses" show had the locals in a frenzy as the styles went
from the
ridiculous to the sublime.  The models really enjoyed this
show and the girls decided they had found their
show ware for
the next "Sisters of Stone" concert.  
Molly said that her Obama
Collection was a lucrative seller but her Catch Phrase t-shirts
always did well.  
This shirt did particularly well.

Another triumphant show at Venice! She was basking in her
glory as a fashion mogul after all those years of touring with the
Sisters.  She didn't need to hit the stage again if she had wanted
but there is
no stopping her wondrous talents!

Molly's last day to relax before resuming her heavy schedule of
concerts, fashion shows and political action committees brought
her back to
Arizona to Tortilla Flat.  She posed for some fun
shots and not so fun shots.  But a day amongst the desert clean
environment would do her good in clearing her mind and a ride
on the
Dolly Steam Boat was just what the doctor ordered.