Historic Hotel
St. Michael
Prescott, Arizona
Hotel St.
In 1864, Prescott became the first capital of the Arizona Territory. In those days, the town was anchored by the infamous
"Whiskey Row" with shady ladies and Wild West iconic guests like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.
Adding to the cultural experience are over 700 buildings on the National Register of Historic Buildings including the
recently restored 500-seat Elks Opera House, which is back to hosting live performances.
Also on the Registry is the Yavapai Courthouse Plaza. In 2008, the Courthouse Plaza was recognized as one of the first
ten "Great Public Places"in America by the American Planning Association. The plaza enjoys the select company of such iconic places as
New York City's Central Park and Santa Monica Beach in California. More than 130 activities occur annually including arts and crafts shows,
concerts, dancing, outdoor movies, and other special events. People are always seen on the plaza. Walking around the plaza is quite popular
with the locals (3 laps = 1 mile). The granite downtown Courthouse set among green lawns and spreading American elm trees reflects the
Midwestern and New England background of Prescott's early pioneers, thus coining the phrase, "Everybody's Hometown".
Welcome to the Hotel St. Michael in beautiful, historic downtown Prescott, AZ. Prescott is a quaint and friendly
town with a rich history. Once the territorial capital of Arizona, Prescott’s wild-west heritage and hometown
friendliness make an ideal destination for visitors from all over the world. And right in the heart of this beautiful town,
stands the Hotel St. Michael. The hotel stands at the intersection of Prescott's famed Montezuma Street (Whiskey Row)
and Gurley street, the northern flank of  the Courthouse Plaza Square. It is ideally situated within walking distance of
dozens of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. And when the sun goes down over Thumb Butte, Whiskey Row comes
alive with exciting entertainment venues and Nightlife.
The bustle of downtown Prescott promises fun and excitement for everyone.
Our View
Located right off the Lobby the St. Michael's specialty shops are located on the
property,either along Gurley Street or along Montezuma (Whiskey Row).
Our Comfy Room
Lost in an Escher Painting
Whiskey Row!
The question of those faces in the decorative circles just below the roof line. They take the place of the usual gargoyles, though there
are also a wolf head and a ram's head. Speculation has it that the individual who created the faces depicted prominent politician's of the time
-- none too flatteringly, either. Revenge, it is said for not letting them build over three stories.