October 27, 2008
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 7:02 PM
To: memi
Subject: A Train & Your Cows Stampeding

Hello Memi,

My name is Daniel Rush.  I am the one that Dinah Perkins called you about last night.  My Wife & I, along with my Aunt & her Boyfriend were on
the Verde Valley Rail Road train when it encountered your cows in full stampede mode as the train was running around a bend that Dinah
recognized from my pictures.

First, I hope all of your cows came home in good shape!  It was one of the most disturbing things I had ever witnessed!  My Wife turned away
from the carnage as she feared for the cows lives!  The cows were stampedeing and because the train was mostly passed the event the engineer
was unaware of what was happening.  At the bend there was only three feet between the train and the rock outcroppings of that particular bend.
The cows were running at full bore and most of the cows running two or three abreast.  They were pinned between the rocks and the rapidly
passing train!  I must tell you as an animal lover it was so heartwrenching to watch these poor animals stacking on top of each other as they tried to
continue along their narrow path and bouncing between the rocks and the train.  If one faltered the others would cause a pile-up and be gouged by
the train!  I fully expected to see them lose their hoofs under the wheels of the train!

It was like watching an auto accident in slow motion and then another and then another...Dear Lord, I will never forget it.  Being one who takes alot
of photos, I just kept snapping away but there is no way to capture an event like that.  There was many photos that play in mind that I did not take
as I tried to cheer and encourage the animals to stop.  I pray they all made it home!

Later on, it was just an unbelievable coincidence that we wandered into one store in Jerome and Dinah was working in it.  My Aunt's boyfriend
mentioned the carnage that he witnessed, as it made an impression on all of us, and Dinah said she knew whose cows they were!

So I write you with this horrendous story and all the photos that I took of the event.  There are 21 photos and two showing the cow hair that was
still stuck to the train.  I also include the two photos I took of Dinah.  I did not crop or adjust these photos in any way.

You are welcome to any of these photos by just right-clicking on them and doing a "Save As".  Each photo is numbered chronologically in the
sequence of events (Stampede01-Stampede21).

I don't know what you will do with these photos but Dinah and I thought it important that you at least see them.  Dinah actually recognized one
particular cow from these photos!  Also, I see the whole incident as a tragic accident and I do not fault the Verde Valley RR as they had no way of
knowing what had happened.  The only way that I see to avoid the same sequence of events is for the railway to knock out more of that wall so the
animals have a better chance of passing in safety.  For your reference, we were in the third to the last car.

Once again, I hope all of your cows are okay!

Instead of blowing up your email box I put all the photos on my website so you can send anyone the link:

Best of luck and I pray for your good fortune in the future.