La Posada Hotel
The Tina Mion Museum at La Posada Hotel
Glance around the hotel and you'll see large, colorful paintings everywhere, some humorous, some slightly macabre.
Tina Mion's art is one of the reasons why La Posada is so special. This well-known painter has exhibited in museums
around the U.S., including the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, the Truman and Eisenhower libraries,
and the Hoover Presidential Library, among many others. The works exhibited in the hotel include many pieces from her
Ladies First series, an insightful retrospective on wives of American Presidents, as well as a variety of figures. The Ballroom
is now home to her commentary on suicide, an 18-foot-wide piece entitled "A New Years Eve Party in Purgatory for Suicides"
Dan Lutzick came to Winslow in 1994 and
was one of the three original partners on the
La Posada restoration project. In 2005 Dan
purchased and restored Snowdrift Art Space, a
22,000 square foot building that houses a large
collection of his work. Snowdrift also is a Winslow
Arts Trust affiliate and acts as a WAT event space.

Dan creates sculpture from common materials such
as plywood, rebar and found objects. Many of his
sculptures are based on Southwest pueblo designs.
Others are created from discarded objects such as
keys, ceiling tin and broken lamps. His work is
on view throughout the hotel. Many larger
sculptures are exhibited in the Sculpture Court.
Smaller works are available for sale in the
La Posada Trading Post.