Architect Earl Heitschmidt of Los Angeles designed the home at a cost of $1.2 million, in a combination
of styles including Spanish Colonial. It has 24 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and over 16,000 square feet.
Much of the extensive tilework was shipped to Phoenix from Wrigley's
own factory in Catalina, hauled by mule to the site.
Review by Scott C of Phoenix
Dinner at the Wrigley Mansion at the Biltmore
We decided to go to the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix for drinks and appetizers at the bar and to enjoy the view.
It sits on a knoll near the Arizona Biltmore south of Lincoln near 24th Street and was known as the Wrigley family’s Summer Casita.
As we drove up the long drive, it rose quickly to the top of the knoll and the front of the impressive mansion.
The Mansion was purchased in 1992 by Geordie Hormel, know as a musician and heir to the Hormel Foods fortune.
Before his death in 2006 he loved to play the Steinway piano which is still in the huge room with a breathtaking view of Camelback Mountain.
As we entered, we were greeted by Samantha, the hostess. She showed us to the bar and although no tables had been available for dinner online,
I asked Samantha if she could help us. She graciously told me we could be seated in 40 minutes.
We enjoyed our drinks at the bar which were delicious and just as the sun began to set, the 5 of us were seated in the dining room for dinner.
Our server, Brandy, was knowledgeable, personable and very helpful. She most recently had worked at the Dabney in DC.
We ordered some appetizers and our entrees. Each item was paired on the menu with a wine recommendation which we thoroughly enjoyed.
The truffle Mac&Cheese was great as was the charcuterie tray. The filet and salmon were delicious as was the lamb.
The black tortellini left something to be desired. We tried the chocolate mousse for dessert and it was good.
All in all, it was definitely well worth the trip, albeit not inexpensive. The chef, Christopher, is a well-known and creative culinary artist.
The views are spectacular and the staff and manager were a joy. The Sunday brunch is apparently one of the valley’s best.
Make your reservations early and if you wish there are also guided tours of the iconic Mansion.
Wonderful kitchen and dining renovations are soon to be completed.
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The Wrigleys maintained other residences in Chicago; Philadelphia; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Catalina Island;
and Pasadena, and used this, the smallest of their houses, for only a few weeks a year
William Wrigley died in 1932, shortly after its completion.
In July 1992, Geordie Hormel bought the mansion and made it available for meetings, conventions and similar functions.