By Daniel Rush
  The day the conference was held, there was a noticeable change throughout Dublin, Ireland and indeed the entire world.  The usually bustling Moore
Street markets were closed.  O'Connell Street businesses had even taken part in the national holiday that had been declared.  The whole city of Dublin
was strangely silent, with the exception, of course, of the promenade outside Parliament.  There, it had the look of a mad Wall Street sell off.  People were
waving credentials above their heads as if seeking an autograph from a rock star.  Heads of State being led in as if to a Hollywood premiere.  A U.N.
security force of hundreds, armed with machine guns, lined the street.  Tanks blocked the way into the street on both ends.  Everyone was swept
countless times with metal detectors and bomb detecting dogs' sniffs.  Outside the madness of this scene the whole country had tuned into the events of
this day.  All the people of Ireland seemed to have already formulated the question they had wanted to ask.  While the rest of the world's question of the
week was, "What would you ask?"
  Jimmy, Mary and Seamus were escorted in by Secret Service men donated by the United States.  They were cheered as if they had won the World Cup.  
Waving to the loving multitudes like adored monarchs, they were shuttled in before the media could swarm.  When they entered Parliament, a standing
ovation was given.  Then Heads of State actually waited in line to get an audience with Ireland's new found royalty.  Mary had really taken to her new
position.  She was offering her hand for the gentlemen to kiss while posing regally for the cameras.  James too, had learned his lessons well, as he was
now the image of confidence.  There he was, making small talk with presidents, kings and ambassadors, while skirting any issues that might really matter
to these movers and shakers.  Seamus would nod his head and smile but he was sweating profusely and just kept wishing the ordeal would end.
  Everyone began taking their seats as the President of Ireland came to the podium.  She thanked them all for coming and had the designated delegates
take their assigned seats.  After her speech on the importance of this day she declared "Let us begin . . ."  Then she realized that the guest of honor was
nowhere to be seen.  After a few strained moments, people began to turn in their seats to look at Jimmy as if he were able to provide an answer.  Jimmy
stood up and pointed to the back of the chamber.
  There was Cormac, hands behind his back.  He was dressed in a white tunic and smiling.  Everyone rose and began applauding.  Cormac strode to
the front of the room and bowed to the President.  The applause grew louder as he took  the podium.  A special microphone was installed to
accommodate his height.  He raised his hands to silence the crowd and said, "Good morning to you, the good people of Earth.  First, I would like to extend
greetings to you from the people of my world.  We wish to begin our relationship on a solid foundation and with a bright chain of friendship.  It is with
profound pleasure, and to show our intentions are honorable, that today, we will bestow to you a vaccine that will reverse the ravages of diabetes.  The cure
is a complete one and it will be available after this conference for your scientists to replicate and distribute throughout the world."Â  Again the whole room
arose and began thunderous applause.
  "My people were called Anunnaki by your Sumerian ancestors.  Anunnaki means literally, Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.  We, of course, did
not really come from Heaven but from a planet called Nibiru.  There are those on this planet who know about this but they have been viewed with
skepticism and ridicule.  We also know that one country of this planet deployed an orbiting telescope with haste after they discovered our planet.  So to
some, our arrival was of no surprise.  But what may surprise you is that our first arrival here was 432,000 years before the deluge, which is recorded in all
of Earth's ancient manuscripts."
  "After we discovered the properties of the abundant gold, which is unique to this world, we began the mining operations that precipitated your existence.  
Not only was the gold used for our space vehicles.  When granulated we found a way to suspend it above our atmosphere to counter what you now call the
greenhouse effect.  Your world is heading for the same problem that we encountered then so we must warn you that measures must be taken now to stop
its effect.   Melanoma cancer is only the first stage of ozone depletion.  The next stage is far worse.  A worldwide effort must be put forth now to ensure
you that you will not have to face this as we did.  I do not suppose you will want to send your gold, valued as it is, to the sky.  This is just one of the many
problems which face your world—as you well know.  With our guidance, some of these problems can easily be solved.  Others are up to you.  We are
not here to rule, we will not order you about as children.  Apathy is the largest problem you face, then division.  We hope by our arrival you will cease the
infighting that is so prevalent among your varied cultures.  This will be an age of enlightenment that will surpass all others in your world's history.  The
history that we will disclose to you will give you insight into your common ancestry so that it can help you to see that prejudice is nothing more than a disease
that can be excised through understanding."
  "The questions you are about to put forth to me will be answered fully and truthfully.  The breadth of our knowledge about the workings of the universe
and your planet may at times be overwhelming to you.  Do not be afraid to tap that knowledge.  Without further delay we shall begin.  Will the first
questioneer please step forward."
  Nervously the delegate from Ireland stepped up to the microphone.  Not knowing how Cormac should be addressed he said, "Top of the day to you, your
  Cormac interrupted by saying, "You may address me as Cormac."
  The Irishman continued, "Right, Cormac, my name is David Moore.  I believe our question sits on the end of every tongue in Eire.  Why have you chosen
Ireland for your Earth base?"
  Cormac stood away from the podium and paced back and forth three or four paces then returned to the podium and spoke.  "Ireland was chosen for a
multitude of reasons, least of which are its wide-open spaces.  Another is because we are in position to give aid to your beleaguered country.  Throughout
its long and rich history it has been a place of stifling oppression, yet its people have maintained their identity.  We are here to end interference from outside
influence and unite its people in the common goal of greatness via peace.  It was Ireland that brought the world out of the darkness which enveloped all of
what you would call, the civilized world.  As the word of higher learning rippled out from the islands known as the Skelligs off its coast, once again,
enlightenment shall draw its breath from Ireland's green pastures.  Also there is a place in Connemara past the Twelve Bens of Benna Beola near the
Ballynakill Bay that seven stones align.  At this place my son first taught your ancestors how to read the solstices in order to farm the Earth.  Though we
had earlier showed men in other places that knowledge, it was here that my son was slain.  His body still lies a hundred feet underneath what you today
call Newgrange.  The solstice that lights the inner chamber of Newgrange to this day, is a memorial to him built with our help.  The greatest sorrow of my
life, the death of my son by the hands of his brother, brings me here to be close to him.  For me, this is sacred ground.  There shall be no more violence
  Cormac had already found himself being evasive with his answers.  What reason could be suited though by telling them the real reason for Ireland being
chosen:Â  its central location to the superpowers and its weakness of being divided, along with the lack of a unified intelligence agency being the paramount
reasons.  British intelligence, meanwhile, would not be tolerated in the far flung reaches of Western Ireland by the ruling Irish government.
  The Irish delegate sat down while shrugging his shoulders over not really knowing if he had truly heard the answer to the question that was on his
country's collective tongue.
  The Chinese delegate rose in his sepia uniform and with a bow launched into his query in Mandarin Chinese.  "What kind of weaponry is at your
disposal and why do you need it?"
  The translator rose and began to translate into English when Cormac waved him off.  To everyone's amazement Cormac answered in Mandarin
Chinese.  "Our weapons are not so much weapons of machinery or atoms.  The weapons which we find to be most effective are preventative.  We use
logical reasoning to dissuade aggressors before force becomes necessary.  We have the ability of using our mind, to limit anger within our opponents.  
We have full use of the functions of the brain.  You humans have not even begun to break the firewall past the ten percent you now use to achieve your
greatest accomplishments.  Telepathy, teleportation, suggestive powers, we use these and others to achieve most of our goals.  We have machinizations
for total destruction and ways to excise roots of disturbance.  Our stealth technology is superior to any in the universe.  You have not begun to scratch the
surface of stealth abilities from what you have obtained from alien sources.  The only time we used a nuclear device was when we deemed Sodom and
Gomorrah unsalvagable."
  Cormac knew he had opened a can of worms as he heard the gasps of terror after the translator finished throughout Parliament.  People stood and
began asking, "What do you mean, unsalvageable?!"
  Cormac flatly said, "I will not tread on that subject here and now.  I will finish my answer to the honorable delegate and proceed with the other
questions."  Cormac waited till the room had stopped its murmuring and proceeded.  "That was a long time ago.  We have altered our thinking on how to
best deal with inappropiate thinking."
  "Inappropiate thinking?" A man in the middle of the hall shouted as he leapt from his chair.  Pointing at Cormac, he continued, "You sound like Stalin!"
  From his accent it was obvious the man was from New York City.
  Cormac stopped himself from sending the man to the moon.  "Yes, sir, inappropiate thinking!  It goes on in the minds of humans every day.  Murder,
rape, larceny and all of those broken commandments that are tossed aside like your politician's promises.  These are what I mean by inappropiate
thinking.  Sodom and Gomorrah were places that evil spread from.  It corrupted all who ventured into its realm.  Only to have them leave later and take
their newfound wickedness with them to inflict on the unsuspecting.  There is no place on Earth now that would compare, although Las Vegas,
Copenhagen and New York could someday qualify."
  That brought a slight chuckle from the room as the beleagured man sat down.
  Cormac returned to addressing the Chinese delegate in Chinese.  "Besides we have not pursued any more ultimatums that could lead to any other such
drastic action.  Now to answer why we are in need of any weaponry at all when we profess peace.  It is to mankind's benefit to have what you call
deterrence.  We use our weapons in the same way.  If we did not have the appearance of being able to defend ourselves I would imagine we would be on
an autopsy table at this moment.  The balance of power may have shifted with our arrival, but it cannot be corrupted.  We are not here for absolute power.  
We are not even here to rule.  We are here in the hope of peaceful, mutually rewarding co-existence.  We are willing to give so much more than we are
preparing to take.  For mere acreage we can solve your planet's most dire problems.  Do not take that lightly."
  "Last, but certainly not least, is now that you have found out you are not alone.  I'm here to tell you that we are not alone.  My people have encountered six
other cogent life-forms in this galaxy.  One left traces of their existence on our planet from an antiquity that you could not fathom.  Two others are docile and
homebound.  One lives on a methane gas planet near Alpha Centauri and has no desire to be contacted.  Another has reached out from a different
dimension, that may even be considered parallel, but we have no way of reaching them.  The last ones are here.  They are the Watchers and they have
been here as long as us.  We try not to interfere with their doings.  From what I have gathered causes me to believe that they are to be feared.  We have
no way of telling how they will react to us letting our presence be known to mankind.  These are the aliens that you envision with gray skin, dimunitive
bodies, large heads and large coal black eyes.  They are responsible for all of the abductions and cattle mutilations.  These are the reasons for our
weaponry.  If it comes to a time of confrontation with any of these invaders you will be glad we have such weaponry available.  For we are the only
extraterrestials with man's well-being in our heart."
  The Chinese delegate thanked Cormac and quickly sat down as the procession continued.  Next, was the Punjabi delegate of India.  As opposed to the
Chinese delegate, the Indian was very cordial and light-hearted.  As he approached the questioneers' podium you could see him reveling in the
international spotlight, waving to the crowd, smiling broadly and blowing kisses to the cameras.  He was wearing the other delegates' patience thin.
  After greeting Cormac, in broken English, he began, "My country is growing exponentially.  Our resources are dwindling rapidly.  We need to find a way to
become more, how you say?, self-sustaining.  Is there a way to get a greater yield from the crops we consume?"
  Cormac answered, "This may be the greatest gift we can bestow to man.  We were the teachers of man's agriculture and domestication of animals.  
And let me say right here," his voice rising. "Though we gave man dominion over the animals, sport hunting is not considered dominion!  I will digress here
and answer the kind man's query.  Much of the earth's land is being wasted.  More needs to be dedicated to feeding the underprivileged.  Building golf
courses, strip malls and resorts on prime farming areas must cease.  We realize recreation is important to man's well-being, but development of this land
by farmers would be better served.  Your god of the almighty dollar, pound, lira and ruble has passed.  Your brethren is beside you.  We are all living on
this planet together.  This planet is but a speck in the universe of trillions of planets.  How you treat your fellow man is what all the other life-forms will
judge you by."
  "Now to answer your question, the use of hybrids is what we can teach you quickly to get a greater yield from what land you are using for farming.  By
using the seed of quick growing palms spliced with other grains you will be able to harvest in days, not months.  In desert regions, the proliferation of dates
and other crops can be achieved via an aquaduct system that we will show you how to build.  By also utilizing hemp as feed for your animals you can save
grain that otherwise would not go to children's mouths.  We will in addition show you a way of harvesting seaweed that can be processed into a sweet stew
that will feed the world.  These and many other things will be our gift to you, planet Earth, just for peaceful co-existence."  The applause began again.
  Now it was the turn of the United States to pose their question.  Cormac started to feel apprehensive.  He had not a guess to what the Earth's only
remaining superpower would ask.  With all of their past experiences dealing with the U.S. he should expect something penetrating but with a cloak and
dagger quality.  Truth was becoming relative.