By Daniel Rush
  The United States delegate seemed to be stalling.  Shuffling papers before him and whispering to his colleague while not even glancing at Cormac.  This gave
time for the news reporters to reflect on what had already transpired.  All had different takes on what they had heard but it was CNN that seemed to sum up what
everyone was feeling.  Bernard Shaw was vocalizing his opinion as such, "If any of what this Cormac is saying is true, where is the proof?  He is trying to redefine
our whole existence while not presenting one iota of congruent fact to support his claims.  His physical appearence is startling, which you cannot quite grasp on
your television, but so is a professional wrestler's."
  The female newscaster piped in with, "Yes, but he's two feet taller than Shaquille O'Neal!"
  Bernard gave her a look of disgust and continued on, "We've been searching the skies and writing about it since Galileo and Copernicus and there is not one
mention of another planet in our solar system!  Why all of a sudden do we take this man at his word and begin to listen to his admonishments.  He is preaching to
us like a television evangelist.  I am not saying his message is not beautiful and correct but should not this be viewed with skepticism.  After all he sounds like he
works for Greenpeace!"
  Meanwhile, not every one was a skeptic.  The U.S. delegate had finally made his way to the podium.  Without formal greetings, he took Cormac to task, "Sir, a few
years back, our Russian friends had launched an orbiting Mars probe.  During its mission it encountered something strange.  After an unnaturally occuring
shadow was found on the surface of Mars.  We measured it to be nineteen miles long, it then focused on what was causing that shadow.  As it did, the satellite
was destroyed.  We believe it was one of your starships that blew it up."
  People were dumbstruck.  Here was the most powerful nation on Earth giving legitimacy to Cormac.  Everyone suddenly viewed him as an invader.  In a back
handed way, Cormac had gotten what he wanted.  The people of Earth now would believe he was who he said he was.  Though now he had lost their trust.
  Cormac searched out Jimmy in the crowd as the U.S. delegate continued.
  "Our question is, if the benevolence you so eloquently espouse here were so, how could you carelessly destroy a mechanization of our curiosity which you must
have known would cause distrust and animosity between our peoples?"
  Cormac was ready for this one.  "At that time it was a question of priorities.  We were not abandoned to the idea that we would make Earth our home.  We did
and still do have other options available to us.  Seeing it was not a manned probe we took the actions necessary to abate your eventual knowledge of us till a time
when we could meet you on our terms.  If you had absolute knowledge of who or what was in that transmission the whole course of your history would have been
changed.  You would have begun making weaponry to protect yourselves from an alien encounter that may have never come.  These weapons would be another of
a stockpile of which you could not save yourselves from.  Proliferation would have undoubtedly followed. Nuclear weapons would become obsolete and therefore
even more dangerous.  As they would become easier for the unstable to obtain.  The weapons of which I speak are in the planning stages right now by your
government.  By destroying that hunk of metal of which you speak, thereby leaving you a mystery, we have afforded ourselves time.  In that time we  have
considered our options, plotted a way of contact which would not be dangerous and determined what would appease you most.  Your course of history will be
forever changed either way but this road has fewer bumps."
  Cormac, satisfied with his answer, was somewhat surprised when the U.S. delegate began to launch into another question.
  "The United States is the most advanced and powerful nation on this planet.  Why would you, if the President of Ireland will forgive me, choose Ireland instead of
dealing with us directly?  You obviously keep a watchful eye over our doings, why not come to us and get a first hand look?"
 The disgust in Cormac's face was readable.  "The arrogance of you Americans.  Not only do you stray from the format of this conference you have the audacity to
believe it is all about you.  You are a newcomer to this world's history.  We have had more dealings with your indigenous peoples than your so called democracy.  
I would imagine if your people knew what we knew about your government's secrets there would be a civil war that would make your first one look like  a garden
party.  If it had not been for the Watchers your technology would have been limited to Edison.  You slaughtered  people more socially advanced than yourselves for
their land and stole their system of government then called it progress.  There is a whole world to be helped, I would say that your part of it is in the least of need."
 Then two men burst into the Parliament and rushed to the U.S. delegate's ear.  After a hushed conversation with him the delegate spun to Cormac and
pronounced with no subtlety.  "Well it looks as if your road has produced a few more bumps Cormac!  Islamic Fundamentalists have started a holy war using
terrorism with a magnitude so far unseen.  A bomb exploded at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem killing 150 people,  Notre Dame in Paris was heavily damaged in a
blast and the Sistine Chapel in Rome was turned to rubble.  They are targeting the religious centers of our civilization!  Was this in your plans Cormac?!  Are we to
bow to you?!"
  Cormac was devastated.  How could he not forsee this?  The world had succumbed to fear.  At times like these people would rush to their church, synagogue
or temple.  This time they were rushing out of them.  Parliament was in an uproar when a blast went off that shook the building.  Panic struck like a bolt from a
clear blue sky.  Just down the street a bomb had gone off at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  The 12th century structure withstood the brunt of the blast with the Choir
School  across the street being leveled.  People clammered out of the Parliament with wild abandon.  The President of France was trampled to death.  There
was no station in life that was lofty enough to gain right-of-way.  Numerous dignataries and delegates were injured.  Cormac first appealed for calm then realized
how this must look on international television.  The world's great leaders behaving like frightened animals in a forest fire.  After this display, the world would look to
him and him alone for strong leadership.  By the time the melee had ended there were only four people left in the room.  Cormac, Jimmy, Mary and Russell G.
Connolly.  Even the CNN cameramen had made their way out leaving their cameras focused on the dead President at the foot of the door.
  Connolly approached Cormac with his hands in his pockets and his ever present furrow on his brow.  "I have a question of my own I need to ask you," Connolly
  "And whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?"  Cormac said with a little too much cheeriness.
  "That's not important.  It seems your grand plans have already wrought a turn for the worse.  You say you're here to save this planet from ourselves.  That you
can save this country from tyranny and oppression.  Stately words, great ideals."  Connolly's sarcasm growing with every word.  "Just your words have
caused an international crisis.  The Earth's most astute people crushed in a panic, that you caused!  Wrongs that can never be forgotten or forgiven!  Maybe now
you can return all that gold that you pilfered to rebuild what's been done!"
  Oh, so that is who you are."  Cormac noddingly said while looking at James.  "I do not care whose greed you speak for.  You come to chastise me for things you
do not give a whit about.  But we will talk of these things.  Your most astute people clawed their way out of here as a coward would a foxhole.  These Islamic
Fundamentalists are destroying your religious buildings because they were not given a voice at this inquiry.  Also, if your religion is dictated by in which building you
stand, what kind of believers are you?  And as for our gold we staked a claim long before we turned apes into your ancestors as any other prospector would have!"
  Cormac motioned to James and Mary and the three of them stormed out.  All of them knew that this would not be their last run-in with Russell G. Connolly.
  After Jimmy and Mary tracked down Seamus cowering in a pub, they took the limo back to the farm.  Or, what was left of it.  The aliens had been busy.  They
were in the process of creating a foundation for what could only be described as a monstrous building.  The farmhouse was still standing but it was obvious it
wouldn't be part of their grand plans.
  Jimmy was not happy.  "What have I got myself into?  I've sold my heritage for thirty pieces of silver."
  Mary wrapped herself around him and kissed him lightly on the mouth.  "How can you be sad?  This is the beginning of new hope.  Your toil is over, we will
want for nothing.  After everyone gets over the initial shock of aliens from outer space, the world will begin to heal itself.  We can tell Cormac of any problem we
have and let him deal with it.  We'll start a new heritage in greener pastures with the children you've promised me.  Our love will grow stronger than any thing you
could have planted here."
  They had forgotten Seamus was still standing there till he blurted, "Oh boy, I can take a hint.  I guess I'll find something to do.  Maybe I'll make a sculpture out of
that damn tractor."
  Jimmy and Mary did not even hear him.  The emotion and exhaustion of the past couple weeks overwhelmed them.  They needed nothing except each other's
warm caress followed by scorching passion.
  The entire world had been shaken to its foundation.  All the beliefs that they held in their hearts, souls and history books had been scrapped within weeks.  Their
leaders were being bashed in every media outlet.  Civil war was breaking out in the most stable of countries.  Cormac knew the time was ripe to step forward, offer
his leadership and assume control.
  A few days after the conference he had James set up a news conference.  He had a prepared statement for the world which would not be deviated from.  "There
will be no conclusion to the inquiry which was started days before.  The politics and bickering of the twelve questioning countries has clouded the great issues
before us.  We have come to this Earth for the good of humankind.  All I hear though is, what is in it for me?  It is now time to live up to our promises.  We have
assuaded those responsible for the bombings of your places of worship and shall not have future problems with them."Â  Cormac had promised them the contract of
a new metal processing that would be stronger than steel and as light as balsa wood.  This was to alleviate the loss of commerce from their oil sales. Certain to fall
after the Irish were given the means to produce automobiles with a ten year power source.
  The question of whose God was more righteous was one that could not be easily addressed.  He knew the passions of religion would be fanned with their
arrival.  He tried to avoid this issue and disassociate himself to Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and the like but this was not going to go away.  Cormac told them of a
meeting with Allah in which he was impressed with the greatness of their God.  He endeared himself quickly by turning to Mecca and praying in the traditional
manner.  Telling them that the Earth worships the same God as they but not by the same name.  That they, instead of by terror, should be spreading their
foundation of religion to the infidels by peace.  More or less saying sugar makes the medicine go down easier.  Maybe the rest of the world did not have the same
access to the information they had.  It would only be by mission that they would listen.  It would only be by a strong front of fundamentalists and reformers that they
would heed your message.  "You must begin to mend the fences of your own ranks before bringing others into your fold.  I shall assuade the other countries
from acting rashly and resorting to vengeance.  While you begin making restitution for your actions thus far."  Cormac knew this was nothing more than a stall
tactic, but it would keep them busy while he put his plans into motion.  They would not jeopardize their financial security by reinitiating their Holy War.  Of course,
there  had been no meeting with an Allah.
  Cormac, on his return to Connemara, realized that distrust was wide spread so he altered his plans.  Convincing the world of his intentions had too many
variables.  So he decided to convince Ireland first.  If he could get them on his side he could  carry out his intentions with less resistance as he worked in the
security of a people who trusted him.  Mary, James and Seamus soon found that the grand foundation in place was for their residence.  Within days a palace of
gold, bronze, lapis lazuli and amber was set aside for them.  The farmhouse was leveled and they began building, of all things, a pyramid!  With rock-cutting lasers
they carved a mountain on the scenic Ring of Kerry for the pyramids building blocks.  Then, using what could only be called a tractor beam, assembled it within two
weeks.  Only slighly smaller than the Great Pyramid it rose above the plains like The Rockies do in the west of America.  The Irish government began the
paperwork on giving the aliens total autonomy as they relished in the prestige of an advanced super-race living within its borders.  Secretly most other nations were
sending ambassadors to Cormac in the hope of persuading him to come to their country.  The offers of land the size of New Mexico, presidential authority and work
forces the size of armies from other countries would not change his location.
  Inside the pyramid, with passageways more complex than a labyrinth, they set up laboratories to teach man to better itself with their technology.  In the observatory
at the top of the pyramid they watched the demise of their planet from the bombardment.  After which, they were not seen for a month.  Ireland tried to show its
sorrow for its new friends by pronouncing a national "Week of Mourning."Â  In appreciation of Ireland's commiserating with its plight the aliens announced they would
build a scientific museum that would explain among other things: how the 360 degree circle was  used as a tracking course for their planet's 3600 year orbit, why
mathematics should be based on the rule of six instead of ten because all of man's measurements of time are multiples of six.  The 24 hour day, the 12 month
calendar and a zodiacal house taking 2,160 (6 x 360) years to pass by.  Even the American's measure of the twelve inch ruler really started off as the twelve rulers.
  The most astounding assertion though was how earth came to be.  Through a cataclysmic collision of two planets they named Apsu and Tiamat also known as
"The Watery Monster" life on Earth began after the excess spun off to form our moon and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  This explained alot: the size of
our moon in proportion to the relative size of our smallish planet.  And why there was not a planet where there was an asteroid belt,  when from all indications of
distance between all the other planets, there should have been one.  Along with these tidbits of information there were demonstrations of alien technology and a
virtual reality ride that simulated space travel with a realness hitherto unknown.  This was virtually an "Alien Disneyworld" and they donated all proceeds
to Irish charities.  Their conclave become known throughout the world as Emerald City.  The aliens, though, incorporated the city as "Gaughim."