By Daniel Rush
  Though Jimmy was busy with the production of the television show he could not fathom why Cormac was suddenly so interested in the problems of Cuba.  There
had been no reports of bloodshed on the island.  There were far greater pressing matters in other countries.  Why would Cormac fly off, at a moments notice, to Cuba
when there were so many other instances of dissolution in that country's history?  "Besides, had not I been the one who settled the hostilities between the Chiapas
and the Mexican government?"  Jimmy questioned Mary.  "Or how about the Pakistani and Indian affair?  Wasn't it me who negotiated that truce?  Sure, it's with his
help and technology, but I or someone else could have flown there to find out what was happening.  I don't understand him.  If  he is going to be flying off to
anywhere he should be in Jerusalem.  Now there is where a real problem lies."
  Mary shrugged her shoulders as she offered, "Well maybe he was just getting pyramid fever."
  Cormac was too late.  The Neifilim had already held sway over the Cuban government.  With promises of technology to rival that of Ireland's and weaponry to make
their adversaries, the Americans, shudder they had rooted themselves in.  Cormac walked into El Presidente's office to find him standing with none other than Russell
G. Connolly.  Sitting at the large mahogany desk, motionless, was a small grey creature with a large head and oval black eyes.  The eyes of a shark, Cormac thought
as he brushed past the humans and confronted what he knew must be the Neifilim.  "Why have you come?"  Cormac asked.
  The Neifilim spoke to him telepathically.  "Because you are interfering.  You are speeding up evolution again.  The humans are not ready for the next step.  We
are here to stop your meddling."
  Cormac knew that was exactly what he would say. but he had to hear it for himself.  Cormac glared at him then said, "We are too entrenched, we have helped most
of this world with their problems.  You controlling one little country will not help your cause.  This world's affairs have become our affairs.  There is nothing that you
can do to change that.  So I advise you to go back to your...watching."
  Connolly and the Cuban president could only wish that they could hear both sides of this conversation.
  The Neifilim, with unchanging expression said, "We shall see how entrenched you are when the humans find out how you have been managing their affairs all these
  Cormac knew talk would be futile.  He had just wanted to see what and who he was up against.  He turned to leave as Connolly bowed with a smirk and said,
"Nice to see you again Cormac."
  Cormac became uncharacteristically enraged and shoved Connolly.  He flew fifteen feet in the air and slammed against the wall.  Shaken but unhurt he gathered
himself and pointed at Cormac, laughing heartily.  Cormac could still hear his laugh ring down the hall as he left.
  Cormac decided a preemptory strike was in order.  After a meeting with the Elders, he summoned Jimmy.  James arrived in his usual panic.  He burst into the
magnificent grand gallery where Cormac was waiting like a man who just jumped out of an airplane without a parachute.  "What the devil is going on in Cuba?  How
come you didn't say anything to me?  The television people are disemboweling me with questions.  Once again, I'm there only to be your limp puppet.  And you still
haven't done anything about the pilgrims at my door!"
  Cormac had not heard a word.  He was staring at Jimmy thinking how old he looked.  The pressure had taken its toll.  Jimmy was gaunt and pale.  As Jimmy
flailed and dithered about raging, Cormac had begun to wonder if it was not time to find a new spokesperson.  Maybe this human was used up.  His wide-eyed
diatribes had become wearisome.  He was wrong for this job from the beginning but any human would have been wrong.  "James there are reasons for everything.  
You are a spokesperson not an associate.  There are things larger than you, larger than any human.  All I want from you is to author a press release.  In it you must
convey the importance of the announcement I will make on this week's show."
  Jimmy became worried.  Cormac was already blind to Jimmy's presence.  "What is it Cormac?" Jimmy asked with true sincerity.
  "You shall know along with the rest of the planet," Cormac answered as he turned and left.  Jimmy stood there for a while and literally scratched his head.
  The next day the press release went out about an announcement of major importance from the Aliens.  Speculation swirled through the gamut of every politic.  
First, there was talk that the Aliens were going to bequeath the cure for the common cold.  By the day that the show rolled around it had denigrated to enslavement of
the human race.  Once again the suicide rate soared.Â
  Cormac stepped to the podium without his usual fanfare of introduction and applause.  After a prolonged pause which had everyone holding their collective breath,
he began.  "Greetings to you planet Earth.  The news that I bring you is of grave consequence.  We have an invader in our midst.  Some of you have known of their
existence for some time.  They are of a race of aliens that we have referred to as the Watchers.  They have landed in the country you call Cuba and are bent on
stopping us from providing the human race with all the help we have granted you.  You know of our achievements of bringing peace and prosperity to many lands and
our willingness to help all mankind.  They see this as meddling and will stop at nothing to wreck our forged relationship.  These small grey creatures are
responsible for abductions the world over.  They experiment on and impregnate your women for their own existence.  After they impregnate them they force labor early
on the women to birth the fetus.  This is so they can incubate the baby in their atmosphere and rear it to be as them.  This is how they propogate their species.  
Their evil is not relegated to your women.  The abductions also consist of experimenting on men for who knows what purpose.  In their eyes you are nothing but a zoo
animal to be studied and dissected.  They also take your farm animals and gut them leaving their carcasses to rot in your fields.  This evil empire will stop at nothing
to sway you to their side and disinformation will be their calling card."  Just then the broadcast was interrupted.  The Watchers had waited for Cormac to attract an
audience then pulled the the plug.
Appearing in front of the whole world suddenly was Russell G. Connolly.  Flanked by two small greyish creatures, he held an air of confidence and power.  Smiling
broadly he began, "I am sorry to interrupt the noble Cormac but we could no longer let him blind you to the truth."  His sarcasm thick, he continued.  "My name is
Russell G. Connolly and my two friends here have asked me to share their thoughts and beliefs.  Though they may look it, they are not alien to this world.  They have
been near this planet for eons.  They are called the Neifilim in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.  Cormac  has called them the "Watchers" and in this regard he
is right.  They have been caring for man and watching his progress from time immortal.  Because of their appearance they have tried to stay out of sight.  They have
been demonized throughout the centuries but their intentions are most benevolent.  Cormac blames them for the abductions that have been taking place."  
Trying to be as delicate as possible he softly said, "He is right.  The purpose of these abductions is find out how much our polluted society is having an effect on the
human condition.  They test man and animal for data to find what effects Cormac and his ilk are using to depopulate the Earth!  They have been trying to warn us of
Cormac's coming through the language of crop circles.  Due to charlatans and pranksters imitating them, the message was lost.  After Cormac's arrival they had no
choice but to come and personally warn us.  Cormac and his Elders are here for one purpose only, the eradication of the human species so they can have a new
planet of their own!  That is not all.  Cormac claims they are here to cure man's diseases.  They have even cured a few, but nothing universally deadly.  Nothing that
kills millions of people a year.  No cure for heart disease, cancer, or A.I.D.S.  You know why?  Because they invented them!  They claim to come here every 3,600
years to check on man's progress.  Poppycock!  They were here at every large battle in human history!  The Egyptians invading Palestine, the Hittites destroying
Babylon then the Assyrians, The Persian Wars, the Peleponnesian War, Punic Wars, Rome's Legions, the Vandals, the Battle of Hastings, Napoleon, World War I and
II.  They had their hand in all of these and many, many others.  Their plagues have killed as many, the Black plague, smallpox, the flu pandemic early this century.  
Now we are on the verge of disease like no other time in man's history.  Â  This is why the Neifilim have made their presence known now.  To save you from being led
merrily to the slaughter!  There is no more time for territorial wars, old grudges and disputes.  We must join with the Neifilim as one human race and repel these
  The televisions of the world went dead.  Every single one on every station was broadcasting nothing but static.  The world's global link had been silenced and no
one knew who had responsibility for it.  Most figured it was Cormac, others thought  the Neifilim trying to keep Cormac from answering the charges leveled at him.  
Whoever it was, made it last for ten days.  They did not shut down telephones, the wire services or the radio though.  Panic was on both ends of them.  Militaries
were brought to their highest alert while governments once again debated what action to take.
  The scene at the Alien Broadcasting Network (ABN) was shock.  Everyone there had seen what had transpired and began flipping switches, checking backups and
looking for a plug to plug in.  Jimmy went to Cormac and in his calmest voice asked him if it were true?  Cormac looked him straight in the eye then gave him an
enigmatic answer.  "They are only fighting fire with fire.  At least you know why I had gone to Cuba now.  We will discuss this matter later, I have much to attend to
now."Â  He abruptly turned and left the building.
  Jimmy could not believe his eyes when he returned to his palace.  A mob of people were at its gates with signs and torches.  They were hurling rocks and bottles
at the palace while being repelled by a security contingent the Irish government had sent.  When Jimmy drove up in the limousine, they converged on his car as if he
were Eichmann.  If it was not for the quick reaction of his driver the car would have been toppled and all inside lynched.  After making it into the palace, screaming for
Mary, he found her and the baby huddled in the corner crying.  Rocks were still streaming through the windows when he said to her, "After nightfall we're taking all we
can carry and leaving."
  Through her sobs she cried, "To where?!  To where, Jimmy?  You're known all over the world.  There will be no hiding.  We've got to find out if what those gray
monsters say is true.  And if it isn't, we got to help Cormac make everyone believe in him again."
  "And what if they say about Cormac is true?  What then, Mary?"
  "Oh Jimmy," shaking her head in disbelief.  "Then we're the only ones close enough to stop him."
"I'm not paying with my life to stop anyone!"Â  Jimmy screamed.
  They stood and stared at each other, shaking with terror as they went over their options in their minds.
  When in a moment of realization, Mary's eyes almost bugged out of her head.  "Where's Seamus, he must be in danger too?!"  She asked.
  Jimmy, as if he had been punched in the gut, "Oh my God, he left in the middle of the broadcast.  I thought he and his son had come here."  Sometime later it was
learned that Seamus and his son had been recognized and chased by a mob. They were beaten to death with sticks and bricks, then hung off a bridge above the River
Liffey in Dublin.  They had painted on Seamus' torso in his own blood, "The Alien Don."  CNN showed them being cut down and unceremoniously dumped into the
river.  His Mussoliniesque death had universities and bartenders, all over the world, backpedaling like the Apostle Peter.
  As newspaper people were beginning to gather in Havana it was learned that the Neifilim had also begun to build a fortress.  Using island labor it seemed as if
everyone in Cuba was employed to build it.  Using glass mixed with fiberglass and a charcoal grey tint it was becoming a sight to behold.  All six sides were
convexed in a fashion that architects called impossible.  With its right angle transepts and outdoor elevators it looked as if Frank Lloyd Wright and Salvador Dali had
designed it over drinks.  At sixty-six floors it wrecked the Havana skyline.  If a category five hurricane came through, though, it would be the only thing standing.
  While Cuba was basking in its "Golden Age" its neighbors to the north were reeling with domestic turmoil.  On top of the racial strife in southern California, in the
northern part there was an earthquake that registered in the eight range.  San Francisco was nothing but a wasteland.  There would be no rebuilding this time.  
Experts were predicting another one soon so bodies were left as people evacuated the city.  The National Guard was pulled out of California altogether so they could
help beef the shores of Florida in case of a Cuban attack.  And this was not their only problem.  The annual flooding of the Mississippi River widened its banks an
additional mile. In the southern half it had changed its course and now bypassed New Orleans altogether.  The ever widening gap was a metaphor for the chasm
between the rich and poor.  Amongst all of this chaos, politicians seemed to be jockeying on who would be the next Nero.
  Cormac said and did little publicly, while all this was going on.  People waited for his broadcast after the television stations appeared on again.  There was no sign
of him though.  The silence was deafening and an appearance of guilt.
The World Court held a trial but a lack of evidence mooted any conclusions.  Religious fervor developed overnight.  People crowded back into their churches,
monasteries and synagogues begging forgiveness for allowing the "Anti-Christ" as Cormac was now being called, into duping them.
  In the bowels of the pyramid, a last ditch effort was being formulated with the help of the Elders.  The outspoken Dionysus had suggested that, "Mankind must be
plagued into submission."  Everyone knew, though, that would not answer the problem of the Neifilim.  Cormac listened closely to the suggestions of his peanut
gallery but there was only one answer.  Their peaceful existence on this planet had ended.  Their action would have to be swift, diabolical and ruthless.
  Most of the people of Earth, disenfranchised of the matter, took a wait and see attitude to the whole affair.  There were zealots on both sides and Cormac had not
lost all of his followers.  Public debate had steamrolled into neighborhood civil
wars all over the world.  The ones that had lost loved ones to war and disease had stepped to the Neifilim's defense.  While Cormac's backers were ones who had
made profits from Anunnaki technology.  The tension was palpable in every corner, pub, ruling house and media outlet in the world.  The ball was squarely in
Cormac's court.  The charges were leveled at him and he could not plead silence.  He had to do or say something or the humans and their so called allies would
have to find a way of destroying him.  In the meantime, the Neifilim kept building their city, swallowing up Havana.  They chartered their new city with the name
"Magaughim," which most people took to mean "Not Gaughim."