By Daniel Rush
  For Jimmy, the past couple of days had been trying ones.  He had not been able to leave the castle that night.  The Irish security guards were still providing a
buffer against the hordes that came and went and came again.  The servants had abandoned them and Mary was at wit's end with the peril that could befall
them.  With the provisions of the castle they could hole out for months.  It was their impending doom that had them bottomed out.
  Jimmy had given up.  He was drinking himself into a state of wallowing apathy.  He began talking of relieving all of them of their burden then going to the
study and locking himself in.  Mary screamed, cried and pleaded with Jimmy to come out, alive.  Jimmy saw no other avenue but suicide.  He thought of taking
the boy and Mary with him but could not find the fortitude to even lift the weapon.  After an exhaustive, fitful breakdown he came out to beg the forgiveness of his
only son.  Mary demanded that they go see Cormac tonight and put it all into his hands.
  "That bastard will help us or I'll find a way to kill him!"  Mary venomed.
  Jimmy stiffened at his wife's uncharacteristic threat.  It also gave him a shot of courage.  They no longer had anything to lose but what he had thought about
taking.  They prepared themselves for any outcome.
  Swaddling their child and under the pitch of a moonless night they made their way to the pyramid.  They decided to try and reason with Cormac first.  Jimmy
had brought his pistol with the thought that if they could not get Cormac to help then he could become a hero by slaying the Earth's tormentor.  They reached
Cormac and with fear, terror and hopelessness in their eyes, began begging for sanctuary.
  "James, Mary, no one will harm you here," he said.  "We are devising a plan to regain the confidence of Earth's people.  Soon this hysteria will pass and we
shall rule again."
  Jimmy flinched and turned to Mary, "Rule again?"  Turning to Cormac he questioned, "What do you mean rule again?  I thought you were here to live with us
and help us?  So is this what it's all about?  These other aliens weren't lying, were they?"
  Cormac interrupted, "James you come here to the pyramid seeking sanctuary, begging like those pilgrims that were at your door.  I have not ignored your
pleas like you have them and now you question me!"
  "Damn right!"  Jimmy yelled.  "I ignored those poor wretches because you told me to!  Tell me Cormac, are you also responsible for the potato famine, the
penal years and," his voice rising, "all of the other massacres we Irish have endured?"
  Cormac, as if he had been insulted, turned and began walking away.  Jimmy pulled the pistol from his coat.  Mary, realizing that Cormac was their only hope,
ran and grabbed him by the arm.
  Cormac, without turning around, calmly said, "Your weapons will not work here."
  She pleaded to him, "Cormac, we don't care what you have done, please help us!"  Looking at Jimmy, while tears streaked down her face, "Isn't that right
Jimmy, isn't it?!"Â  Jimmy with tears welling in his eyes, defeated, said, "How could you let that happen to Seamus?"
  Cormac grimly said, "For every true cause there is a martyr and for every martyr there is glory.  You shall stay here and will be provided for."  He turned and
  The Neifilim were busy making allies using every device of deceit they could muster.  They had Russell G. Connolly jetting all over the world propogating their
message of friendship.  They blamed the advent of all the world's ills on the Anunnaki.  The only advancements they were offering, technology wise, though,
was in a militaristic vein.  They greatly advanced the aerospace industry, giving stealth and radar technology to anyone who would ask for it.  Laser weaponry
and speed enhancement was given to first and third world countries alike.  Rogue nations and so called benevolent powers were escalating the percentage of
the gross domestic product going to defense spending.  The arms race was once again spiraling out of control.  With the prosperity that high-tech jobs could
bring, no one seemed to mind.  And surely, with the weapons they were now making, they could destroy the Anunnaki.  Now that there was a common enemy
of the world they could band together and bring peace.  History had not taught them anything.
  What the Neifilim did not tell the humans, was that the weaponry they were now developing would be useless against the Anunnaki.  Had they had a
formidable weapon to stop the Anunnaki the Neifilim might have prevented their interference eons ago.  They were, what they had been portrayed to be,
watchers, for a reason.  The Anunnaki, for the most part, ignored them in the past.
  Cormac knew of the abductions and breeding experiments but as long as the Neifilim stayed away from influential people and did their activity in a covert
manner it would not stop his plans.  Now, though, in this planet's era of instant communication through television and radio, the Neifilim could, as he knew now,
sway opinion globally.  This was the weapon that would bring the Anunnaki down.  The inferior technology that the Neifilim were peddling to the humans was
the same that was responsible for the Roswell incident.  Their memory erasing techniques were flawed, attested by the depictions of their likeness all over the
ancient and modern world.  Cormac and his people were the likeness of man.  They had assumed the role of giants or Gods in ancient times.  As Gods they
could order wars or plant seeds of distrust between two peoples to cause wars.  They had found the Germanic tribes susceptible to uprising in the early eras
and used this area in the modern era to inflame the tension that caused WWI and WWII.  In these latter years, they had to be more careful.
  The Rwandan massacres and random terrorist acts were not enough.  Sure, the planet itself was helping all it could with an increasing number of natural
disasters.  Caused by a destabilizing tectonics and a warmer planet atmosphere.  Infectious  disease was not taking the toll it had intended.  The Earth still
had the largest population it had ever held.  Cormac was not seeking eradication of the human species just a major thinning.  They needed another flu
pandemic or worldwide war.  Maybe letting the Watchers supply the humans with more volatile weapons was not a bad thing.  If they attacked him he could
justify to himself killing 20-40 million of them.  Then Earth would have to be ruled in iron fist fashion.  That was no longer his way.
  There was only one option, he would have to destroy the Neifilim.  There could not be two heads with opposite thoughts.  With them out of the way maybe he
could return to his original course.  To let the humans dictate their own demise with a little push here and there.  This could be done if he could undo the
damage the Neifilim had wrought.
  Months passed without word from Cormac.  The humans were eager to see their new technology put into use.  They became restless with the thought that
Cormac might strike first and enslave the world.  A full scale invasion was being ironed out that would make D-Day seem like a street gang turf war.  It would
begin with a high altitude aerial bombing run lead by the Chinese.  They were to fly out of London's Heathrow airport using their newly acquired stealth
technology.  Ships from the United States and Russia would bombard the west coast of Ireland after it had begun.  Along with many other aspects
simultaneously taking place it was left to the Arab nations to launch the nuclear missles.  Strictly because their eagerness to use their new weaponry left
everyone worried that they would do so anyway.  The Neifilim took the position of a weapons dealer and stayed completely out of the way.Â
  Russell G. Connolly fought against the Neifilim's stance.  He wanted to be the pivot man between the world's powers and the Neifilim.  He saw this as his
chance to gain the acclaim and power that Jimmy had once held.  He tried to convince them that the humans would be fighting a futile effort and that their loss
would be highly detrimental to the Neifilim.  The humans would either, after licking their wounds, beg forgiveness from the Anunnaki or seek revenge against the
  "We must at least give guidance to the humans," Connolly exhorted.  "Tell them of the Anunnaki weaponry so they know what to expect.  If you warn them of
the dangers of their undertaking...";  Undertaking, how ironic he thought.  "They won't hold us responsible for their massacre!  How will the Anunnaki feel after
seeing what you have given the humans.  They will come and attack us!  I will make all of the arrangements.  I'll speak to the U.N. and let them know what you
know."Â  He turned to begin making arrangements for his journey to New York.
  The Neifilim leader stopped him.  "You will do nothing.  We cannot stop predestination."
  Cormac was in the Grand Hall of the pyramid pondering his options, as if he had any.  He would have to recall the mother ship from the Mars moon to protect
this compound. Then he would have to deal a blow to the Neifilim that would sever their ties to this world eternally.  He would have to expand his empire by
reclaiming the ancient cities of Giza and Phoenix. This way he could sway greater latitude throughout the world.  Then he would give the humans the missing
concept of tetrahedron physics to enable them star travel.  This would be technology that they could use to make their dreams come true.  The galactic
pollution may bother the other forms of life but that was something he could deal with later.
  With the impending invasion of Ireland coming, refugees began lining its shores.  Cobh, its main port city, was aflood with people seeking passage to the
States.  It had not seen such an influx of humanity since the potato famine.  Dublin too, was awash with people marching at the capitol trying to stop the
invasion.  Shannon and other cities on the west coast became ghost towns.  The infirm, the hardheads and the stupid being the only ones to stay behind.  
Some sought the refuge of the Skelligs, islands of towering rock off the coast, believing the dark age wisdom of the monks who had lived there would guide and
protect them.  Many with a devil-may-care attitude stayed in the pubs and toasted "Slainte!" to any and all outcomes.
  "A-Day" as the operation was called, had finally come about.  The Chinese took off from Heathrow promptly at 5:00 a.m.  The American contingent was
moved into place, on time, with their warships.  All was going according to plan.  Russian troops filled Belfast to the north hoping to be a clean-up operation.
  As the Chinese arrived into Gaughim airspace, though, they found the 19.5 mile long Anunnaki mother ship hovering a mere 500 feet above the pyramid and
covering most of the city.  They began their bombing raid by trying to destroy the mothership.  As the 600 Chinese planes began dropping their payload the only
sound that could be heard was the whistle of the falling bombs.  Then nothing.  It was if the they were falling into a void.  There were no blasts, no explosions,
nothing.  Thousands of kilotons of TNT disappeared.  Confusion took over as planes turned around to see what had happened to their payload and were
struck by other's bombs.  The sky  became an inferno and planes began crashing into the hull of the mothership.  They were like bugs on the windshield of a
Roadmaster.  A few planes attempted to land on the Alien's ship like an aircraft carrier.  If they landed safely through the wreckage of their comrades planes,
their death was to come in the form of a fall when the mothership cleared it's table by turning on its side.  Scattered debris rained on the Irish countryside.  
Some members of the Chinese Airforce, realizing the futility of their effort, decided to take advantage of the situation and began bombing the American
warships.  The Americans responded by shooting  Chinese airplanes out of the sky.  The small contingent that was left of the Chinese airplanes rained all
over Europe as they ran out of fuel trying to get to a friendly country.  Not many friendly countries were left after their futile effort.
  The warships then turned their attention to Gaughim and the mothership.  Unleashing a fury not seen since Omaha Beach, the deafening cannons shot wave
after wave at the compound.  The whole world watched via their televisions.  Every common man and woman could feel the disparity through the T.V. as they
saw that not one missle hit it's intended target.  Every bomb exploded on the beach, falling miles short of the pyramid.  The cannons were checked and
rechecked for target accuracy only to find that they should be decimating the interior of the once idyllic island.  The west coast of Ireland, from Shannon to north
of Connemara was shelled enough to change the complexion of its borders forever.  The Cliffs of Moher fell into the sea.  The city of Shannon was wiped from
the map as it quickly became another Dresden.  With it's lush green fields and it's historic bed & breakfasts turned to dirt and rubble, the coast, Dingle Bay
included, was turned into a wasteland.  Realizing the futility of their effort, the American and Russian warships ceased the bombardment.  Dead calm
enveloped the sea.  There in the distance was the pyramid, the alien compound and mothership, still hovering, unscathed.  Then, with the suddeness of a
door slam in another room, a repulse wave was sent from the top of the pyramid.  Sailors watched as it came towards them like a tsunami.  Waves of 100 to
150 feet rushed towards their ships and toppled the front lines of battleships.  The eerie silence was crashed with the blares of horns and men screaming
towards their deaths.  The back lines were pushed back by the crest of the wave two to three nautical miles from their previous position.  The wave covered the
vast expanse of the Atlantic far enough to engulf the boardwalk in Atlantic City.  With thousands of men and women in the ocean gasping for air and clinging to
any flotsam that they could latch onto, the order for nuclear weaponry was abandoned.  The Russian troops surrounding the perimeter of the compound were
recalled to Belfast as the humans realized they needed to regroup.  The battleships became makeshift rescue boats as the human think tank in Washington
threw up their arms in surrender.
  With the awesome display of power the aliens had shown it would be futile to try and slay this Goliath with mere stones.  Their position must be rethought.  
During their conferences it became apparent that there could be no easy solution.  Seemingly, half the countries showed allegiance to the Neifilim while the
other half believed that Cormac and the Anunnaki were definately the ones to back in any armed conflict between the two new superpowers.
  Russell G. Connolly appeared on television shortly after the "Debacle at Gaughim," as the CNN newscrew had dubbed it.  "As you now have seen, the
Anunnaki care not one iota for precious human life.  They have incinerated or drowned thousands of humans in an effort to save their crummy pile of stones in
Ireland!  Cormac could have stopped all of this with a few words or just by leaving.  He spoke of having other options.  He could have found a different home
anywhere in the universe.  Instead, he stayed and killed thousands of your fellow men and women!  We, as humans, have but one choice now.  We must help
our friends, the Neifilim, to show that the Anunnaki are not wanted here and must abandon their plan of world domination.  This is no time for worldwide civil war
on who will be our superiors.  Everyone of us must be united in our stand against the Anunnaki.  With the help of our friends, the Neifilim, we can destroy their
ancient  pagan beliefs and shrines.  It is time to show them who is responsible for man's destiny.  We are!"
  Connolly's speech was a bugle call in some quarters.  While others knew where the real danger was.  And that was wherever they were standing.